A guide to participating in a Launchpool AME

Launchpool is a pre-IDO investment platform (a launchpad) that allows retail investors to participate in the earlier rounds alongside VCs, with a private sale token price and vesting terms.

The following is a step-by-step guide to participating in an AME (Allocation Mining Event) on Launchpool, which will allow you to claim a guaranteed allocation in the projects of your choosing.

Step 1:

Visit app.launchpool.xyz

You will then see a disclaimer, please check that you are in an eligible jurisdiction, and click “Agree”.

Step 2:

In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see that you are able to register for an account.

Step 3:

Follow the instructions to connect your Metamask wallet.

Step 4:

You will be asked to verify your identity. This involves verifying your email address, adding your telephone number and ensuring that KYC requirements are met.

It is simple to do, and shouldn’t take much time.

If you are struggling with this step, please reach out to the Launchpool support team here: t.me/LaunchpoolSupportOfficial

Step 5:

Once approved, you need $LPOOL tokens ready to use in your wallet.

Currently, raises are being completed on Binance Smart Chain, so you need to make sure that your tokens are on BSC. To do this, you can use PancakeSwap to purchase $LPOOL using the contract address: 0xcfb24d3c3767364391340a2e6d99c64f1cbd7a3d

Step 6:

Mining your allocation is really just as simple as staking your $LPOOL in the relevant pool. Visit the dashboard after entering the Launchpool app, and select the project you want to stake in from the list of live projects.

Step 7:

The current pool options are:
- “No Limit” pool, ⅓ of the allocation
- “250 $LPOOL” limit pool, ⅓ of the allocation
- “50 $LPOOL” limit pool, ⅓ of the allocation

The amount of project tokens you receive will depend on which pool you stake into, the time staked in the pool and your share of the total $LPOOL staked.

Be sure to max out the pool you want to be in to get the largest allocation. Stake as early as you can. You can also stake in multiple pools if you want a bigger allocation.

Step 8:

Once you have selected the pool you wish to stake in, enter the number of $LPOOL tokens you’d like to stake and hit “Confirm Stake”.

NOTE: If you haven’t staked with Launchpool before, you will need to sign two separate transactions in your wallet:
1. Allowing the use of $LPOOL tokens.
2. Completing the smart contract interaction that allows staking.

Step 9:

Now you can relax for a bit!

Once those transactions have been completed, you’ll be able to see your amount of $LPOOL staked.

Once it is staked, the $LPOOL tokens you submitted to the pool will be locked until the end of the AME.

This means that you cannot access those $LPOOL tokens until you have claimed your project allocation by paying for the mined tokens with BUSD.

Step 10:

Once the AME is over, you have approximately 48 hours to send the specified payment token to buy your project tokens. In this case, the specified payment token you will need is BUSD.

NOTE: If you miss the payment window, YOU WILL LOSE the ability to claim and pay for your mined allocation.

After the AME, your $LPOOL is returned, regardless of whether you claimed your allocation or not. You CANNOT claim a partial share of your stake, you can only claim all or nothing of your allocation in each pool.

Step 11:

Upon completion of the waiting period (between the Launchpool pre-IDO and the projects TGE) you will be able to claim X% of your tokens, as per the project specific vesting schedule. To do this, all you need to do is hit the ‘Collect’ button, and follow the steps in your wallet.

About Launchpool

Launchpool leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving & dynamic space.


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