CCAI and BTCProxy — Exchange PuP Tokens for the Official Tokens

Exchange Your PuPs ($CCAIHT and $BPHT) to the $CCAI and $PRXY

Good afternoon, LPOOLers.

We have been getting inquiries from our community regarding the claim and exchange of PuP tokens, and a lot of attention is now on two hot projects: BTCProxy and CCAI, which had their own Pop-Up-Pools prior to their AME. Below, we explain how the reward, claiming, and vesting works for these tokens. In May, we ran their PuPs. For both PuPs, stakers will have received a holding token:

CCAI Holding Token Address ($CCAIHT): 0x0224D36267d4fDb65099240e5ABf38752833b897

BTCProxy Holding Token Address ($BPHT): 0x13cfab00512b917acad10e652069de084ed75037

Details about CCAI PoP-Up-Pool

Initial PuP announcement earlier this month:

Details about BTCProxy PoP-Up-Pool

Initial PuP announcement earlier last month:

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Next Steps: Exchange Your PuP Token for the Official Tokens

Here is the breakdown of actionable steps and events:

  1. To gain the official token, in both cases (CCAI and BTCProxy), holders are asked to stake their holding tokens into a pool.
  2. The pool will vest the official tokens in accordance with the vesting schedule for the relevant project.
  3. We aim to give plenty of time and warning before rewards start accruing.
  4. Wednesday 9th of June: CCAI will be the first PuP to release their tokens. BTCProxy PuP token release to follow.
  5. Vesting is in line with the main vesting schedule. Holders of the holding token are asked to stake at any time up to this day. There is no benefit or sense of urgency to staking before this day, therefore our community can take their time, find a period of low gas and stake. Make sure you stake before June 10th.
  6. Each of the official token rewards will be held in a smart contract. Once placed into the contract, they cannot be recovered except through staking the holding token. Example: $CCAI will be held in a smart contract address. In order to claim the $CCAI official token rewards, you will need to stake the holding token $CCAIHT.

Important Notes!

a. Rewards are distributed to all stakers, depending on how many tokens you have staked.

b. If you are not staked in, then your rewards will be shared out to those that are staked.

c. Claiming rewards will not unstake your holding token.

d. Unstaking your holding token will stop your rewards from being claimed.

e. If you accidentally unstake, you can simply restake the holding token ($CCAIHT; $BPHT), which means you will only miss a fraction of the rewards.

General Note: If you’re using the bridge to participate in PuPs and Friendship Pools offerings to escape higher gas fees (from ETH to BSC), check out our step by step guide:

Thank you for being part of Launchpool!

About BTC Proxy

BTC Proxy is an institutional-grade layer-2 protocol for bringing Bitcoin to DeFi with no centralized exchange risk and no price slippage. BTCpx is an ERC20, and later a BEP20, wrapped bitcoin token that offers insured custody and ensures a 1:1 Bitcoin backing ratio that cannot be affected by volume or liquidity. PRXY is the ERC20 governance token that governs the protocol.

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About CCAI

Cryptocurrencies.AI ($CCAI) is both a next generation centralized exchange and a lightning fast DEX on Solana. It offers spot and futures trading and much more. Liquidity is king, so that’s why CCAI has Binance as their liquidity providing partner exchange. Smart trading features including setting automated trailing stop losses and take-profit targets combined with a host of analytics and actionable insight features aimed to make advanced trading easy for beginners.

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About Launchpool

Launchpool ($LPOOL) leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving & dynamic space.

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