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7 min readAug 19, 2021


Welcome to the Community Spotlight series, where we interview community members and $LPOOL hodlers. What to expect: honest heart-to-heart conversations; tips and feedback from $LPOOL hodlers; fun stories; and personal experiences.

None of the information shared is financial advice, and should not be treated as such.

Meet the community!

We build for the community.

We built a platform to connect quality blockchain projects seeking funding with savvy crypto investors.

Launchpool enables our community of investors to fund projects at earlier stages then anywhere else (unless they happen to know the project’s founders or have a track record in the industry and deep pockets!).

The foundations of our business:

  1. Access to quality projects. Our industry connections, powered by Alphabit, and our growing reputation for quality early-stage investments propel us.
  2. An engaged community of savvy investors. People who understand the crypto space, are building a mid-to-long term investment portfolio, and know that this space tends to reward those who don’t treat it like a casino. If you are reading this, you are hopefully one of these savvy investors!

We talk a lot about the projects, so we decided to open the floor to community members. What can we all as a community learn from their investment approach, mindset and experience?

Community Spotlight Interview Series #001.

Our first interview is with CorsicaToken, a Telegram community member.

CorsicaToken approached the mods to request our blessing to share an investment tool they have created with the rest of the community. What a legend!

We decided to give CorsicaToken the floor. The interview below is unedited — CorsicaToken speaks with their own voice.

Hello CorisicaToken! Please, tell us a little about yourself.

I am living in France and I work as a Product Manager in software for a worldwide company. Before that I used to work as a developer, software architect and tech consultant for many years in smaller companies.

How did you get into crypto?

I came into crypto at the beginning of this year. I was interested in this tech and learned some stuff about it a few years ago but I never thought to invest money in it until this year. I used to invest my money in the companies I worked for.

But lately I realised that beyond the tech and the big casino of the so volatile (so called) “crypto currencies” there was something amazing. I had some sort of revelation about what crypto was about, what we can do with that, and how it will change the world.

In the first month I bought some BTC and some ETH in an exchange to warm up. After some time, I decided to experiment with yield farming and liquidity providing on BSC and ETH.

In the meantime I tried to do some trading, but I quickly realised that it was not for me. I don’t like that and I am very bad at trading.

After that I discovered the concept of a launchpad for crypto projects. I liked the idea and did a lot of research on this. So much research that I don’t remember how I came to find out about Launchpool. It was a few days before the initial farming. I decided to switch almost all my holdings to UNI and SUSHI to participate in this farming.

What do you like about Launchpool?

I don’t really remember how I heard about Launchpool, probably a mention of this project in a Telegram group. I thought it was a great opportunity for me for many reasons.

The main one was the “fair launch for all” mantra. As a beginner, I had only put a few hundreds of $, maybe one thousand in crypto, so I felt like it was my better option. Because the other launchpads that have tiers, lotteries, etc. that put barriers in the way for small holders.

I also like that Launchpool is not just an IDO machine designed for pump and dumps. It is a platform for investors and not really for traders. It fits me well, I always had invested in the companies I worked for, now I can invest in crypto startups.

And another very important reason is the quality of the people you have at Launchpool. At the end of the day it is the most important thing for a company. I am very impressed by the quality of the support, the management of the community, the articles, the videos, etc.. Everything is very professional.

And I like so many other things at Launchpool, it would be too long to elaborate (diversity of the projects, the backing by Alphabit and other funds, the amount of the allocations, the price of the tokens, the quality of the projects).

What is your overall approach to investing on Launchpool? Which projects have you invested in?

My overall approach is to think as I do as a Product Manager. I want to understand the business of the project, their users, the value it creates, the problems it solves, who are the guys in charge, and what their vision is. So I do a lot of research before I decide to invest into the projects.

I have to say that I have invested in a lot of projects because of the quality we have at Launchpool.

How long is your time frame for investing in these projects?

Definitely long term !

I know that it takes time to craft a good product and to craft it well. It is important to give time to the teams to do their job.

As an investor I respect the rule to invest only money that I do not need to survive. I have no pressure to take profit overnight.

Do you intend to participate in Launchpool Labs incubated project raises? Tell us your thoughts on this part of the Launchpool roadmap.

Yes of course, I am very enthusiastic about Launchpool Labs. Before the announcement I was holding 300+ LPOOL and now I have raised to 1000+ to be qualified for the Gold NFT next year.

The vision behind Launchpool Labs is amazing, I think it is unique. I am interested to take part in the project raises of course, but I am also willing to help the projects to move forward, investing my personal time to give hands and bring some of my tech and product experience.

Anything else coming up in crypto you are really excited about?

Recently I funded my pledge for the Realm AME and I am so excited about this project. I can’t wait for the launch of their project.

I am also excited about my Bronze NFT and taking part in the launch of the first cohort at Launchpool Labs.

And in general, the perspective about crypto is very exciting. Especially all the implications of what the concept of programmable digital property will bring. This will change lots of things in the world in the future. Crypto today is like the internet in the middle of the 90’s. I am sure this decade will be epic !

Any messages or tips to share with the community? Any tools that you love to use? Any websites or DApps you could not be without?

I can see too often members of the community asking the same questions or complaining because they didn’t know something before making a decision.

My message is take time to read, to understand. Read the documents, the whitepaper, the tokenomics, the vesting conditions, the AMAs recaps … read them twice.

I have built a spreadsheet that I use to follow the history of the AMEs at Launchpool. I would be happy to share it with the community.

Here is the link. (Note from the Launchpool team, this is not created or hosted by Launchpool. Please treat as an external resource).

So now when someone will ask questions like “what allocation can I expect for the 300 LPOOL ?” or “what was the price for this project ?”, they can go and see there.

Any thoughts or ideas to share with the Launchpool team?

As you can guess I have a lot of respect for all the Launchpool team, you are doing an amazing job.

I prefer the quality of the projects vs the quantity. I know you do that already, there is no other way for a platform like Launchpool.

I hope Launchpool Labs will be the opportunity to leverage our community at the service of the incubated projects.

It is clear that you have a vision and you have values, stick to it !

Interview ends.

Thank you, CorsicaToken, for sharing your story so far with crypto, your approach to investing through Launchpool… and for your investment tracking tool.

If any other community members wish to complete an interview, please message the community moderators on Telegram.

If you wish to say hello to CorsicaToken, you can find them at

Egalitarian investing with Launchpool.

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