Community Spotlight | Interview #003

5 min readAug 12, 2022


Welcome to the Community Spotlight series, where we interview community members and $LPOOL hodlers.

What to expect: honest heart-to-heart conversations; tips and feedback from $LPOOL hodlers; fun stories; and personal experiences.

Disclaimer: None of the information shared is financial advice, and should not be treated as such.

We build for the Community!

We’ve built a platform to connect quality blockchain projects seeking funding with savvy crypto enthusiast.

Launchpool enables our Community to fund projects at their earliest stages than anywhere else (unless they happen to know the project’s founders or have a track record in the industry and deep pockets!).

The foundations of our business:

  1. Access to quality projects. Our industry connections, powered by Alphabit, and our growing reputation for quality early-stage investments propel us.
  2. An engaged community of savvy crypto enthusiast. People who understand the crypto space, are building a mid-to-long term investment portfolio, and know that this space tends to reward those who don’t treat it like a casino. If you are reading this, you are hopefully one of these savvy community members!

We often talk a lot about the projects, so we’ve decided to open the floor to our community members. What can we all as a community learn from their investment approach, mindset and experience?

In our third interview we chat with Adam, one of our Telegram Community members.

Today, Adam has the floor. The interview below is unedited — Adam speaks from his own point of view.

Hello and welcome Adam! Please, tell us a little about yourself.

Hello to the Launchpool Community, I live in the EU and I’m a futurist, enjoying every piece of new tech. I work as a programmer and CEO in the PC games development industry. In addition, I often trade stock markets, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

How did you get into crypto?

I first got into crypto back in 2017, while looking for a way to diversify my portfolio. Like every new technology, it also attracted my attention from a technical point of view.

I’ve been impressed by a few things which blockchain technology can offer to mankind:

  • allows you to be the real and only owner of the asset
  • prevents assets from being seized or stolen
  • enables the transfer assets anonymously
  • transferring of assets without an intermediary’s approval
  • borderless along with a short settlement time and low transfer costs
  • inflation hedge by deflationary mechanisms
  • incorporates smart contracts which are math proven, and doesn’t require a person to execute
  • high security of the network, with 24/7 uptime

How did you find Launchpool originally? What do you like about it?

During the last bull cycle, I was looking for launchpads and platforms offering IDO or private deals. At that time, Launchpool was the one I found which allowed me to participate in early rounds, and that’s why I decided to join.

What is your overall approach to investing on Launchpool? Which projects have you invested in?

I do a deep research of every project, including Team, tokenomics, competitors, FDV. I have invested in almost every single project launched by Launchpool.

Any messages or tips to share with the Community? Any tools that you love to use? Any websites or DApps you could not be without?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m really interested in the way technology can improve our lives, so I’ve actually got a long list of tools that I use:

  • I use Telegram bots to track my own, and other wallets, including NFTs
  • DEX explorers like Dextools, Dexscreener, PooCoin to help track the price of newly listed tokens
  • To help simplify things, I also use a browser extension from Etherchain which shows current ETH fess.
  • The @TheFeedReaderBot telegram bots allow me to track Twitter accounts easily.

I also incorporate a few self-written bots for personal and specific crypto purposes. Programming isn’t hard, you only need time and motivation! :)

Pro-tip from Adam: CoinTool is a page with a lot of useful and commonly used tools

How long did it take you to learn how to use the Launchpool fair launch system? Any tips?

Becoming familiar with the Launchpool ecosystem really isn’t difficult, it only requires you to spend a few minutes reading the Medium articles. The UI is also very intuitive, add to it their Announcement channels, and you get everything you need to know about incoming projects.

Who is your favourite moderator?

@TriniJMG — a very helpful, communicative and responsive person, which community members can always count on.

Which channel delivers the best Launchpool updates for you?

The Telegram Announcement Channel is the best place for me, as Telegram is the top messenger I’m using right now. As the second source, I’m using a Telegram bot to track the official Twitter page.

How long is your time frame for investing in projects?

I accept very long term investments, for example, the last project I joined (not via Launchpool) will most likely list in a year, with 1 year cliff and 2 years vesting.

Do you intend to participate in Launchpool Labs incubated project raises? Tell us your thoughts on this part of the roadmap.

Yes, I do participate in the Launchpool Labs incubated projects. I like that you offer such an opportunity to the industry. I am also looking forward to my next project in Labs.

Anything coming up in the crypto space you are really excited about?

The next event that I am looking forward to is the ETH POS merge on mainnet. Today, we successfully passed the Goreli testnet.

Do you have suggestions for the team and platform improvement?

Yes, I have a few ideas which you should definitely consider in the pipeline.

1. DAO Voting — this will allow users to participate in choosing which projects they would like to invest in. One of the websites you could use for it is a

2. A Community Protection System — this is a recent addition to the crypto space and as more launchpads join this idea, the ones which don’t, will most likely be abandoned by community members in the future. Some of the common rules seen for this are:

  • Minimum LP amounts
  • Minimum LP time lock
  • Sending 100% tokens to launchpad by project before launch and sending money to project per vesting
  • Minimum listing time after IDO
  • Price maintained until e.g. 40% of distribution is complete
  • Limits on total project raises
  • Limits to the maximum difference between private and IDO price.

What do you think is the edge of having a strong and supportive community in the crypto space?

There are two things I would consider when building a supportive community in the crypto space:

  • Taking care of all inquiries with moderators, so that no user feels left without help.
  • While there are always risks involved with start-up projects, being able to deliver top quality projects with ROI to maintain at least the invested amount

Thank you Adam, for sharing your story and approach to investing through Launchpool.

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