How to Earn $LPOOL

2 min readFeb 5, 2021

Launchpool will distribute their token via staking pools.

Link to staking:

Staking will open for the public on the 15th of February.
Distribution of our token will start on the 22nd of February.
The token contract address will be posted here when it has been created. Currently our token does not exist and any references to it are false.

Why hold the Launchpool token?

$LPOOL is staked on the platform to register interest in the projects launching on the platform. By doing this $LPOOL provides the holder 4 key benefits

1. Access to projects at the earliest rounds, enabling investors to access best prices without the associated minimum capital threshold reserved for investment funds.

2. Investment through a regulatory compliant means.

3. Peace of mind investments are made into bona fide projects that have been vetted on a number of levels.

4. Chance to become a meaningful part of new project’s communities.

How does staking work?

Staking is a process whereby the user ‘stakes’ their tokens into a smart contract. The process is simple, you authorise the contract to view the tokens in your wallet. Once done you can then stake. The tokens remain under your control and can be withdrawn at any time. Distribution will last 90 days starting on February 22nd.

How much Launchpool token is available?

We have chosen to give away 25% of our total tokens during the initial distribution to the public to bootstrap our community. These tokens will be earned as reward for staking other projects’ tokens.

What other projects?

We have chosen projects whose community we believe would like to become a part of Launchpool’s community. These projects and tokens are:

1inch: ($1INCH)
Bondly: ($BONDLY)
Rune: (ERC20 $RUNE)
Uniswap: ($UNI)
Sushi : ($SUSHI)
ShareRing: ($SHR)
Standard Tokenization Protocol: ($STPT)
PAID Network: ($PAID)




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