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Date: Wednesday, 17th February, 2021
Time: 14:00 UTC

The LAUNCHPOOL PROJECT team was represented by @Rich_Launchpool who judiciously shared with us detailed knowledge and information about LAUNCHPOOL PROJECT.


Q1 Can you please introduce yourself and your background, also introduce the Team working on the Launchpool?

ANS: I am Richard Simpson the CEO of Launchpool. Before joining Launchpool, I worked as the Director of Research and Projects at Alphabit Digital Asset Fund.

Before that I worked as an technology architecture specialist; designing large scale public infrastructure deployments, usually in the UK for the likes of the NHS, councils, universities etc.

I got involved in crypto as most people did i think, a friend recommended i look into it. I bought my first crypto and down the rabbit hole i went; luckily i’ve been working full time in the space for 3.5 years.

Our team consists of full time employees and also some people we have contracted in for the launch. Our team is a mix of people that have experience in finance and business for 20+ years. And also a couple of bright young Uni grads.

We have some very well know industry players supporting us. Plenty of industry educators, influencers, marketers, investors, tech guys, who we are partnering and who will give their time for free to see the project do well.

Q2 Can you introduce the Launchpool project, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

ANS: Launchpool was born out of the idea that the different elements of the ecosystem weren’t really all pulling in the same direction, for example, projects live and die by their community yet the community are often the last to get to buy the tokens and generally don’t get as good deals so we wanted to do something about that.

We wanted to create an environment that minimised risk for everyone. Risk of dodgy projects for small investors, but also for funds. We think our model minimises risk for them too. We aim to incentivise our community to stay with projects and use the service of the projects we launch so hopefully its a win win for everyone. Projects also get the benefit of a bootstrapped community and well connected investors/funds.
There are similar crowd funding platforms out there, but ours is different because there are no tiers, no first come first served.

If you hold our token, stake an interest in a project, then you’ll get some allocation. Small investors sometimes have big voices, so we want to be inclusive of everyone.

Our ethos is egalitarianism, everyone equal, coupled with having the strength of big players behind us as well gives us a competitive advantage.

Q3 Can you briefly describe the Top milestones you have achieved and your target milestones with timelines, also share your roadmap?

ANS: To date we have launched phase 1 of the project. This is our token distribution.Our staking contracts have been audited by certik and published on our github. You can get there from our website. Staking has opened but the distribution starts on Monday, so still time to get into position. We currently have lots of interest, everyone is keen to get some of our free tokens. 25% of our tokens we’re giving away for free.

As i said distribution starts on Monday the 22nd of Feb, the token will be list on Uniswap the same day.

You can stake a certain number of (details on Medium article):

1inch: ($1INCH)
Bondly: ($BONDLY)
Rune: (ERC20 $RUNE)
Uniswap: ($UNI)
Sushi : ($SUSHI)
ShareRing: ($SHR)
Standard Tokenization Protocol: ($STPT)
PAID Network: ($PAID)

in ur staking contract to earn our token $LPOOL

staking is

you’ll need to use metamask or portis

currently we’re developing the phase 2 platform, we expec that to be ready in about 45 days

i should say phase 1 distribution lasts 90 days, so around half way through the token will have a use case!

currently we have around 7.5 million staked into our contract

so we’ve git a good community already, and i’d love it if some of your community came and became a part of ours.

2nd Segment: LIVE Questions

Q1: One of Launchpool CEO said that this project aims to become a leader in the field of community driven investing, what are the core features of Lauchpool that will lead you to such achievement?

ANS: Our backers, our community and industry know how will help to ensure projects are a success. We believe we’re a once in a lifetime opportunity because we’re going to be the best at what we do. We will ensure that because: EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.
1) Our focus is equality, so our community invests at the same price that the large investment funds do.
2) we have 10 industry known funds behind us providing deal flow.
3) we won’t operate first come first served or on a preferred tier basis. You stake your LPOOL to show interest in a project on our platform. Everyone that stakes gets a proportionate part of the allocation. Stake more LPOOL to get more allocation, everyone gets the same price and same vesting terms.
4) We are giving away free over 25% of our tokens to bootstrap our community. That can be you! Simply participate in our token distribution event starting on the 22nd.

Q2: 📌In future Will Launchpool continue to exist on an Ethereum platform or Will shift to another platform because of high gas fee?
📌Please tell us How many tokens do you plan to give away?

ANS: We are currently Ethereum native. We will incorporate other blockchains too. And also as L2 solutions for ETH start to become more widespread we will follow.

Thanks guys. If you would like to know more about our project then here are some useful links

Website —
Twitter —
Medium —

TG Groups:
Official Group —
Memes and Gifs Channel —
Announcement Channel —

Audit link:

Tokens to be staked:
1inch: ($1INCH)
Bondly: ($BONDLY)
Rune: (ERC20 $RUNE)
Uniswap: ($UNI)
Sushi : ($SUSHI)
ShareRing: ($SHR)
Standard Tokenization Protocol: ($STPT)
PAID Network: ($PAID)

Media Coverage:
NewsBTC :
CryptoNewsFlash: : (
CoinSpeaker :
BloomBerg :
Yahoo Finance :

Q3: So many projects are being rugpulled even listing after binance like icream finance,so how we can your trust your launchpool project and is there any reputable person in your group members?

ANS: this is one f the things we aim to minimise. we have 10 of the industry’s best known funds behind us lending us their reputation. any deals that come from them will have been vetted by them and us.

we won’t work with anon teams

and we’ll do everything we can to ensure rugpulls don’t happen. but of course it is never full-proof, so people should always do their own due diligence

projects on our platform will have to go through KYC and be thoroughly investigated to make sure they are of good pedigree.

Q4: what ways will be done to overcome the $LPOOL price drop. Will the token burn be done when will it be done and how many tokens will be burned,?

ANS: we will create a circular economy with our token. Buy back and burns don’t add long lasting value. by buying back our token and using it to reward our community for building up our platform, we incentivise growth, adding long lasting value, rather than just a short term pump

we have rewards specifically allocated for this already. another 25% called endeavour rewards. rewards the community can receive for helping us. that might be marketing, influencing, technical, bringing us great projects, community management and setup. lots of things. as we give these rewards away, we will need to replenish them, so we’l buy them back from the open market with the investment profits we make from launching projects.

Q5: What a great project. LAUNCHPOOL.
$LPOOL shareholders to access related portions of the offered deal. Can you explain about this agreement and how the future of $LPOOL is planned from now to become a big and global project?

ANS: for every project we launch we will offer some tokens from that project to LPOOL holders at the same prices investment funds get it (so usually cheaper than when smaller investors get it) and also on the same vesting period. so everyone’s incentives are aligned

as we get more projects we can grow our community and hopefully everyone can share in the success of the projects.

Q6: project development, the top priority is to have sufficient funds. Is your team financially able to carry out this project? Do you have sufficient funds for its development. Can you tell us how your project is turning a profit?

ANS: yes the project did raise some capital already. we have enough to keep us going until we’re profitable.
the project will take a % of the funds raised with projects. this will fund the operations of Launchpool. any leftovers will go to buying our token back. which we can then give away to our community as a reward for helping us.

Q7: Users can withdraw their tokens staked and $LPOOL at any time. Is there an unstaking fee, or incentives to stake for longer periods?
https://twitter. Bycom/Alicewonder1202/status/1362034546364063748?s=19

ANS: There is no unstaking fee other than gas. There is no incentive to hold for longer other than earning more launchpool. We have tried to make the distribution as fair as possible, so we didn’t want to have a situation where things changed over the course of the staking and incentives certain behaviour.
as i said we’ll start launching projects before the end of our distribution period so we think this will be enough to support the token price.

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