Launchpool AMA Recap — Circularr

Questions from the Launchpool Team

- Accessibility (being limited to a chain of businesses or a specific geographical location). Thus, restricting the market size and growth potential.

- Growth and expansion, due to our existing partnerships we are able to scale and grow the whole ecosystem quickly. Where our competitors would have to develop these partnerships or acquisitions in order to do so.

Stage 1: Platform Development

Stage 2

Stage 4

  • Zimbabwe

The initial circulating supply during the private rounds and initial listing is 153,550,000.

Our initial market cap on TGE is $429,940.

Questions from the Launchpool Community

About Circularr

About Launchpool



Launchpool connects varied stakeholders in the crypto community, including funds, community, marketers and experts, incentivising all. Join:

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