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Launchpool — Greenheart AMA Summary

Place: Launchpool Official Telegram Community

Date & Time: April 19th, 3PM UTC

Guests: Shane Brett, CEO at Greenheart Punt; Cofounders Paul & Mark

Host: Roxana, Head of Community, Social, and Outreach, at Launchpool

Launchpool was excited to host Shane Brett, CEO at Greenheart Punt for an interactive Ask Me Anything session with the Launchpool Community. The AMA comes in anticipation of Greenheart’s $500k Allocation Mining Event which starts today, April 20th on the Launchpool launchpad.

The session lasted for 1hr, and consisted of questions from Launchpool Team and questions from the community “on the spot”.

Questions from the Launchpool Team

Roxana: Great to have you with us, Greenheart Team. Please tell us a bit about yourselves, about the project & team, and your involvement with the team.

Shane Brett: Great to be here! I am the CEO of the Greenheart Punt project — focusing on enhancing CBD Production Through Decentralized Finance, AI and Drone Technology. Personally, I have been in finance and technology for 25 years and involved in crypto for 5 years. I have founded 4 different blockchain and fintech startups and written multiple books on tech entrepreneurship. My latest book about growing a FinTech startup has just been published in association with Harvard University Press.

The core team also includes Greenheart co-founders Paul Walsh and Mark Canavan, as well as Shane McQuillan — our Chief Strategy Officer and a Venture Partner at Alphabit. Mark and Paul are lifelong friends and started Greenheart CBD in 2019 growing organic hemp, processing the material with specialised extraction methods and bringing it to the global market. Shane McQuillan is one of the world’s leading crypto experts and fundraisers — he has worked on many of the most successful token projects globally (Celsius, Share Ring, Yield, Lattice, Stratis).

Full details of our team are also available on the Greenheart company website here:

The project is led by Greenheart CBD — — one of Europe’s leading licensed CBD seed to shelf producers and an established profitable business with a demonstrable track record of successful project delivery. We are the fastest licensed growing CBD supplier in Europe, using advanced “CBDTech” technology -AI Drones, Big data and QR analytics — to revolutionize the global market for CBD oil and related products worldwide.

The company started selling its products in Jan 2020 — and is now profitable and has over 2,500 customers across 49 countries (and counting!) — and over 100 5-star reviews on our company site and Google. We were also featured last week in Irelands Number 1 newspaper:

Roxana: What makes your project unique, and what’s the project’s vision to bring upon a turning page in the cryptoverse (how do you plan to disrupt the space)?

Shane Brett: Our project is all about helping the 2 billion Underserved globally. Most of these are unbanked and many are dependent on agriculture — that is why initially we are focused on helping farmers in poor countries switch from Cash Crops to farming CBD. The reason we are doing this is that currently farmers in many countries have low incomes and exist on a subsistence basis — they have little chance of improving their families living conditions. So the aim of the project is to provide financing to farmers around the world to grow CBD, substantially increasing their incomes and improving quality of life. The big barrier is that banks won’t lend to farmers to grow CBD, especially in the developing world.

Roxana: Can you give us a few examples of the countries you’re planning to target / already targeting?

Shane Brett: Even though CBD (legal cannabis) is now permitted in Europe and the US and a growing number of Asian countries, banks are still very reluctant to lend funding to farmers to grow CBD. So we are stepping in to fill this gap!

Our target areas are: 1. Thailand 2. Panama 3. Africa (South Africa first). For example in Thailand the govt says the average farmer only earns $1,850 USD a year. Switching to our organic CBD growth method — using pioneering technology including our drones, we believe (based on our research) that we can increase this to $12,000. That is an increase of 600% of a farmer (and their families) income.

To do this the Greenheart Punt platform will provide project and community led loans to farmers around the world that wish to switch to CBD cultivation and production. It will take the form of a DeFi lending exchange, applying advanced smart contracts on a number of blockchain networks, to enable borrowing and funding between users and community participants. The government in Thailand is being very forward about adopting new types of agri — including CBD

Roxana: Would you say you’re blockchain agnostic, or do you have specific blockchain protocols in mind?

Shane Brett: Not only does CBD production help farmers’ incomes, but it also helps people mentally and also the environment — as organic CBD is much more sustainable than existing (and backbreaking) cash crops. We are in advanced discussions with Constellation Networks for them to develop our Blockchain platform. Greenheart gathers a tonne of data — through our drones and mobile application and consumers. So we want Constellation to assist with not just the DeFi lending but also the end to data management process and stamp of approval. Our mobile application will drive the platform and that is currently under development and will be launched in Q3. Please follow our Greenheart Community Telegram group to keep up to date.

Roxana: What made you choose Launchpool as your launchpad partner for the AME?

Shane Brett: It was very easy to choose the most exciting launchpad partner in the world! We have been following the amazing Launchpool story since it began and have been amazed and excited by its growth from strength to strength. Personally I come from the hedge fund world- so I know the way “insiders” always get the best deals. I have seen it for many years. The levelling of this investing playing field is something that we feel is very laudable and long overdue. We are delighted to be involved!

Part of Greenheart’s mission is to empower the smallest farmers- and Launchpool is about empowering the smallest investors, both projects align on bringing the fruits of defi to everyone. We believe our project is leading the way in DeFi innovation so it made perfect sense for us to align ourselves with the leaders of DeFi investing innovation!

Roxana: Thank you for the kind words, we are very grateful to each and every one of our community and the projects that choose as their trusted launchpad partners. We’ve seen that microloans for farmers work! has been doing it for 9years. So we’re excited to see where your project will take the community. Especially with decentralised lending and access to funding by the unbanked

Shane Brett: Great organisation []. And in many ways the microbanking world is a direct inspiration for our project. The difference being is that many institutions just won’t lend for CBD production — so farmers want to switch but don’t have access to the funding to make that switch!

Roxana: Shane, let’s walk the community a bit through the AME. What is the total allocation you’ve set aside for the LP community? Are there any KYC / AML limitations or is the AME open to everyone? Please list any countries that are excluded from the allocation event due to regulatory reasons.

Greenheart $CBD Allocation Mining Event Starts on April 20th on Launchpool

Shane Brett: Sure thing. We have set aside $500k of Greenheart Punt $CBD tokens for the Launchpool community. That’s 10% of our total raise. We are really excited about partnering with the Launchpool community!

There are a number of restricted countries. Most of these your community will probably recognise. There are 20 countries in total: Botswana, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Venezuela, Yemen, and the United States of America

Roxana: Thank you. It’s better to inform the community beforehand on the KYC restrictions, transparency is valued. What happens after the Allocation Mining Event? Walk us a bit through the tokenomics: total supply, initial circulating supply, initial market cap, initial vesting, total vesting period (from launch until when will the last token be vested for), etc.

Shane Brett: Absolutely. We 100% agree. We have minted 150 million tokens in total. Our ticker is CBD. In terms of the token economics, full details are also available on the project website. In terms of Vesting — all team, advisor and partner tokens are vesting for 12 months. The Initial Market Cap when the token begins trading will be $782,000. Initial Day 1 Circulating Supply is 8,000,000 tokens.

Roxana: Thank you. We will have the information made available in the Launchpool app where our community can check upcoming AMEs, but we wanted to make sure everyone gets access to the most pressing details asap. Where does your community live? Where can we find you (social, web).

Shane Brett: My pleasure! We are always happy to answer questions! Over the last couple of years we have built up a very active community — both for our Greenheart CBD products and for the new DeFi project.

  • Our social links are:
  • Greenheart CBD — the company — is at
  • Our DeFi project is at :
  • Greenheart Community Telegram: @greenheartpuntcommunity
  • Twitter: @GreenheartPunt
  • Paul, the cofounder, is also on Clubhouse: @greenheartcbd

Roxana: Any plans for podcast / Clubhouse / Twitter Spaces sessions? I think people would love to hear the success stories.

Shane Brett: YES! We plan on doing podcasts weekly. We actually only just sorted our studio setup. We have a full schedule of forthcoming speakers and we are really excited about it. It’s going to be called “Punters Podcast”. And it will be going out every Wednesday — starting soon. Full details to follow on our Telegram.

Roxana: Please share more on the development & product roadmap, milestones etc. What’s Completed? What’s In Progress? What’s Scheduled?

Shane Brett: Sure — we would be delighted! The private sale is basically full. Details of the Public Sale will be announced soon. The roadmap over the next 18 month is packed with new partner announcements, technology developments and community enhancement programs — all being led by our farmer funding platform.

The main driver this year — as we have just expanded into our first US (New Jersey) site — is to finalise the Farmer DeFi lending application and roll it out quickly to the global Underserved. Once the platform is live we will enable community-led crowdsourced loans — we are really excited about this — as it will allow our community to lend directly to poor communities underserved — across a range of CBD and other ESG related sustainability initiatives. After the crowd funding is in place we also plan to expand the lending platform from just CBD to others.

Roxana: Any strategic partners (aside from LP) that you can share? and who is helping with the Audit?

Shane Brett: We have a huge range of global partnerships ready to roll out shortly and announced in the next few weeks — including ZenaTech, Hill International, Lumipay and Uniphar — one of the top 2 largest consumer distributors to drug stores and pharmacies — and Greenheart’s CBD products are going in their European stores and potentially longer term through their 200 countries footprint worldwide

We are also about to launch Greenheart edibles range (popcorn), cosmetics (skin balm and cream), and protein powders — for shakes. They are literally about to launch and we just got our regulatory approval last week on the cosmetic range.

Roxana: How will the funds be used? How was the project funded until the AME?

Shane Brett: The company has been totally self funded to date. It reached profitability in Year 1 selling its products — which was amazing. The core team bootstrapped everything and we have grown $12m dollars worth of CBD flowers to date. Next we have to expand globally! The fast way to do that — while also benefiting poor farmers and our community — is (instead of growing one country at a time) but to do this raise and be able to lend to farmers directly to grow CBD that we can buy — and then do a profit share with them when it is sold. Many projects are trying to build their first product but we already have that launched sucessfully and in 49 countries — instead we are all about using our funds to expand in an environmentally sustainable way that can help the company, community and farmers all flourish.

Roxana: What is the expected cap at TGE? How do you expect your token to gain value over time, any mechanisms to support the DeFi component (staking, burning, earning, spending, others)?

Shane Brett: The expected cap at TGE is $782,000. We expect the token to gain value over time as the DeFi lending platform accelerates funding of initially farmers in poorer countries, then the crowd funding from the community will hugely increase the use of our CBD token and finally as we expand into other ESG related areas, the use of the token will significantly increase. To make it fun for our community we also have farming CBD! So you can stake your token to earn CBD. Our token holders can avail of our Greenheart (and partner) products at the highest possible discount — available right now through our dApps store.

“On the Spot” Questions from LP Community

Isaac Jong asks: Hi Shane. Loving the AMA and loving the vision that the company has. Quick question (minor concern) — private sales token at 41% seems high. What is the vesting schedule like? Second of all, there’s already tokens allocated for partners, marketing, staking and team tokens — what are reserve tokens for?

Shane Brett: Thanks Isaac — we have had huge demand privately for the token. The 41% has been driven by fund and institutional investor demand. The vesting schedule for team, advisors and partners is 12 months. There is indeed a multi-month long term vesting program in place for all funds and institutional partners. The reserve tokens are for unforeseen future developments — having grown 4 different FinTech companies I know from experience you always need to hold something in reserve!

Ant asks: What are the token metrics of this project?

Shane Brett: The token economics are on our website

Anuj asks: Will CBD on ETH or BSC? Gas fees are of main concern.

Shane Brett: We are very conscious of gas fees — we have plans to bridge to BEP 20. Working on that right now

Cryptoblooom asks: Can you buy your products with the crypto?

Paul, Co-Founder Greenheart: Yes you’ll be able to get access to our products on our mobile application with the highest discount applied.

Shane Brett: Check out the video from European television of how we utilise our Artificial Intelligence Drones to grow and monitor the CBD crop.

To summarise: The project is about enhancing CBD Production Through Decentralized Finance, AI and Drone Technology:

A. Direct lending to farmers via smart contracts

B. Providing cutting edge Drone production technology

C. Community lending direct to CBD farmers

D. Access to the highest quality CBD

E. Transforming the livelihoods of the globally underserved

F. Full transparency of supply chain from seed to shelf through track and trace.

Roxana: Thank you so much for joining us today for the Greenheart $CBD AMA. Congratulations and many thanks again to the Greenheart Team for joining us today. That’s a wrap!


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