Launchpool AMA Recap — Mixsome

Place: Launchpool Official Telegram Community

Date & Time: April 14th, 1PM UTC

Guest: Augustas, Project Lead at Mixsome

Host: Roxana, Head of Community, Social, and Outreach, at Launchpool

Launchpool was excited to host Augustas, Project Lead at Mixsome for an interactive Ask Me Anything session with the Launchpool Community. The AMA comes in anticipation of Mixsome’s $500k Allocation Mining Event which is starting on April 16th on the Launchpool launchpad.

The session lasted for 1hr15min, and consisted of three segments: questions from Launchpool Team, questions submitted by the community upfront, and questions from the community “on the spot”.

Questions from the Launchpool Team

Roxana: Please tell us a bit about yourself, about Mixsome — the project, and how you got involved with Mixsome.

Augustas: Yes, sure. My background is business development in the fintech industry, with more than 12 years of experience in building and growing companies and products. I dived into crypto around 2017. Mixsome was born from frustration about complexity and high entry level barriers in DeFi space. Our vision is to tame the DeFi and crypto complexity and unlock the potential and possibilities of DeFi investing for everyone.

Roxana: Great intro. Let’s dive into the questions, there are many. What makes Mixsome so unique, and what’s Mixsome’s vision to bring upon a turning page in the cryptoverse?

Augustas: The DeFi space is full of protocols that people can use to generate a yield on their money. The problem is they are hardly usable right now because of the high fees. We have built Mixsome to level the playing field and tame DeFi for everyone. In a few words, Mixsome is a DeFi Strategy Aggregator built on xDAI ethereum sidechain to maximize yield generation. So what Mixsome does is turning complex interactions with DeFi protocols into easy-to-understand money flows.

Roxana: This is also a question asked by our community member, @ChessDude : What made you choose us as your launchpad partner for the AME?

Augustas: That’s’ a great question! Launchpool has quickly become DeFi’s most trusted token staking and launchpad. And at Mixsome we really subscribe to Launchpool’s vision to guarantee a fair launch to all. And we are really excited to be part of Launchpool with Mixsome’s upcoming Allocation Mining Event.

Roxana: What is the total allocation you’ve set aside for the LP community? We hear it’s quite generous. Are there any KYC / AML limitations or is the AME open to everyone? Please list any countries that are excluded from the allocation event due to regulatory reasons.

Augustas: Mixsome is dedicating 6.4M $SOME tokens or 500K USD allocation to Launchpool, which is very unique and exciting because this comes at a private round price. I believe LPOOLers already had a first taste of AME with Unizen which is, I think, great for everyone and looking forward to Mixsome AME!

Roxana: Since we talked about the AME values… What happens after the Allocation Mining Event? Walk us a bit through the tokenomics, token distribution, lock-period, and what token buyers can expect after becoming active supporters and hodlers of $SOME tokens. This information is also available on the Launchpool dApp, but we love to hear it from the Mixsome team as well.

Augustas: Right after AME Mixsome has planned for IDO offering and token listing on Uniswap + PancakeSwap. The token of initial 15% unlocked distribution for AME participants is done on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), so we hope that helps address high gas fees too. The rest of remaining tokens are unlocked on a daily basis, therefore giving many options to Launchpoolers!

Roxana: Glimpse into the Mixsome Community: where does the Mixsome community live? Social channels where people can find Mixsome. (question also asked by @TriniJMG)

Augustas: Mixsome is on Telegram and Twitter (note: please check footer for links to the Mixsome project). We also have plans for a Discord channel, for early beta product users as an invite-only feature! Stay tuned!

Roxana: You mentioned a beta product, which leads into our next question. Please share more on the development & product roadmap, milestones etc. What’s Completed? What’s In Progress? What’s Scheduled?

Augustas: Our roadmap can be easily found here. Mixsome has already built V1 Testnet App, which is deployed on the Ropsten network, and undergoing fine tuning. It will be made ready for audit and launch on Mainnet.

Mixsome will launch with 3 pre-defined DeFi strategies:

  1. DeFi Shark — lending to Compound protocol.
  2. DeFi Fish — liquidity on Curve protocol.
  3. DeFi Crab — liquidity on Uniswap.

That gives easy to understand DeFi flows and users can start maximizing their money flows.

Roxana: Any strategic partners (aside from LP) that you can share? and who is helping with the Audit?

Augustas: Beyond Launchpool, we have a number of strategic investors who extend their network and crypto domain expertise to help us grow. Available here:

For audits, we are partnering with 2 top-tier blockchain development houses to help us launch Mixsome in a safe manner.

Roxana: Now let’s move to the next question. How will the funds be used? How was Mixsome funded until the AME?

Augustas: Mixsome has a lot of development planned, with many open source DeFi and crypto protocols to integrate, so that’s a big part of the budget. Beyond that, Mixsome will focus on liquidity provision programs on DEXes for Mixsome native token $SOME. We have also lined up potential partners for Mixsome rewards and referral mining programs.

Roxana: What is the expected cap at TGE? How does $SOME token gain value over time, any mechanisms to support the DeFi component (staking, burning, earning, spending, others)? So we have $SOME rewards, and referral mining rewards, what else?

Augustas: Initial market cap at TGE is 774k USD. We’ve just published our vision for $SOME token here:

$SOME (the token) is planned to be used as a governance token, meaning community votes on protocol fees and upgrades, and potential protocol rewards distribution systems.

Pre-Screened Community Questions

We’ve asked the LP community to use our Google Form and share any upfront questions, guaranteed to be asked in the AMA today. We will start with those, and then open the floor to the entire community.

@magnatech_ve asks: It is nice to see that they give an important stake to retailers, how does their platform or the project help to protect us from whales or large investors?

Augustas: Kudos to this question! And props up to Launchpool for taking this position to help everyone join crypto space in an egalitarian way — so Mixsome is part of that too in partnering for upcoming AME. And hopefully with Mixsome users can move from DeFi Shark to DeFi Whale.

@ChessDude asks: When building such a solution I guess sometimes small % differences at the beginning of a flow can cause larger discrepancies at the end. Will you be able to secure precision information from all sources? How will you sustain your competitive advantage? If this is a pure UX play, you might be front-run by bigger players, no? Will you work cross-chain, e.g. building bridges into the flow?

Augustas: We are excited about building Mixsome together with xDAI, which not only gives low fees options to DeFi trades, but also working heavily on launching multi-bridge options to move crypto assets between different chains in an easy and affordable manner. We start with $SOME dual launch on both Ethereum and BSC, and will have a detailed look at what we can bring on the table to Mixsome users in regards to DeFi options on BSC too!

@leanhdaoit asks: What’s your business model? And what are your revenue streams?

Augustas: Initially V1 Mixsome will focus on user traction and adoption, and after that when we launch V2 in Q4 will have built in several options for earning fees from transactions and flows.

Roxana: Please do share numbers and stats when they’re available. We will have #Mixsome join us in a follow-up AMA in due time (just a heads up!).

@WarriorAngel1 asks: What’s your goal 4 years from now?

Roxana: We love these questions, btw, looking at the bigger picture encourages everyone to think long-term.

Augustas: Wow, very forward looking question (laughs). I think we will be preparing for another bull run cycle — 4 years about the right timing from now.

@TriniJMG asks: Where can we find more info on the Team? Where can the White Paper/Roadmap be found?

Roxana: We already have the Roadmap, but we’d love to share a link to the WhitePaper.

Augustas: Sure. Mixsome Whitepaper is available here:

And also please do check and go through the Launchpool dApp and Mixsome page there too.

@Mobrady asks: what is your major obstacle and how do you plan to overcome it?

Augustas: Good question — focusing on right things at the right time, and with the strong experience and partners we have onboard we are sure to make this work.

Roxana: Thank you so much, we’re now opening the floor for “on the spot” community questions.

“On the Spot” Questions from LP Community

@Thorsten asks: Do we need to have our funds in the xDai chain to invest through the mixsome app?

Augustas: xDAI works on as a side chain to ethereum via DAI bridge smart contract, and with more and more projects integrating into xDAI ecosystem Mixsome can offer low gas fee transactions.

@Kadir asks: What does mixsome offer us different from other defi platforms? Thanks.

Augustas: Mixsome is being built as users for users so that everyone can start their DeFi journey as easily and understand how complex DeFi protocols work in simple and intuitive way.

@mineworxx asks: Could you please tell us about Darius Devenas and his LinkedIn profile. Hopefully this issue with developer Darius Devenas will be clarified — have a big hope in Mixsome!

Augustas: Unfortunately, miscommunication between mutual parties and we are solving this issue privately. Rest assured, the team is committed and working towards a successful AME and Mixsome launch!

@Astroboy asks: When is estimated TGE and listing on Uniswap? Do you also have plans to add liquidity to Tier 1–2 CEX?

Augustas: TGE and listing on Uniswap and PancakeSwap is planned right away after AME on Launchpool, stay tuned for more information!

@Kadir asks: Will the mixsome ame event be on the bsc network?

Augustas: Initial 15% unlocked tokens will be sent as BEP20 tokens on BSC.

Roxana: Thank you Augustas for joining us today on behalf of Mixsome, wishing you and the team a successful #AME and launch. That’s a wrap!

About Mixsome

Mixsome is a DeFi platform that transforms complicated DeFi protocols into intuitive simple flows of money. They break the DeFi wall for every newcomer to benefit from DeFi opportunities. In the same spirit of bringing a maximum number of people into DeFi, the platform decided to offer one of the highest allocations in the short history of the launchpad industry, with $500,000 that can only be mined during our exclusive allocation mining event (AME) on Launchpool.

Total Supply: 125,500,000 $SOME tokens

Initial Circulating Supply: 11,375,000 $SOME tokens.

Initial Market Cap for the Token Sale: $1,313,813

Total token vesting period: Allocation Mining on Ethereum retains a vesting schedule of 15% at TGE via BSC, followed by monthly vesting via BSC airdrop. New schedule: 6*months at 8%, 1 month at 7%, 5 months at 6%.

Additional Links: AME AnnouncementMixsomeAME Video Sneak Peak RoadmapInvestors $SOME Vision


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