Launchpool and Greenheart $CBD Respond to ETH Price

Launchpool and Greenheart teams add an additional $25,000 worth of tokens for the LP community in response to ETH price.

2 min readMay 5, 2021

Earlier last month, we were excited to bring Greenheart $CBD to our Launchpool community — a project combining agribusiness and DeFi.

$CBD Rise Affected by ETH Prices

Greenheart’s Raise was affected by the sharp rise in price for Ethereum. The outcome of this was that while the price of tokens in ETH remained the same, the USD value of the token had risen significantly.

Originally the $500k raise would have meant:

500,000/0.075 = 6666666.66667 Holding Tokens.

During the Payment window, the price of $ETH was $3150 at “Open” and $3310 at “Close”. Taking a middle price of $3230, the total raise was capped at 224.375 $ETH giving a USD value of $724,731.25.

724,731.25/0.075 = 9663083.33333 tokens.

During the allocation and distribution phase, the take up of allocation from each pool was as follows:

Pool 1 (50 Limit) 84.46% = 1,877,778 Holding Tokens

Pool 2 (250 Limit) 87.72% = 1,949,333 Holding Tokens

Pool 3 (No Limit) 97% = 2,157,778 Holding Tokens

Total Holding tokens allocated = 5,984,889.

9663083.33333/5,984,889 = 1.61458.

Therefore, every holding token will receive 1.61458 CBD tokens.

Next Steps for Greenheart $CBD AME Participants

Distribution of the Holding token will open at around 9am UTC, on Thursday, 6th of May 2021.

We understand the TGE and listing will happen later that day. The cutoff to receive the TGE airdrop will be one hour before listing. Listing time is still to be confirmed by the team, please follow their announcement channel for details (link in footer).

To honour commitments to our community, both teams at Launchpool and Greenheart have added an additional $25,000 worth of tokens at 7.5 cents to the pot to be distributed fairly amongst all allocation miners.

Thank you for being part of Launchpool!

About Greenheart

Greenheart is a leading CBD tech company using DeFi, blockchain, and crypto to bring the agricultural industry into the 21st century. We equally passionate about both blockchain and CBD!

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