Launchpool Announces First Allocation Mining Event for Unizen

Launchpool launches its new innovative product in collaboration with Unizen to revolutionize retail investment in fundraising.

5 min readMar 26, 2021

Dear Launchpoolers, today we have exciting news! Almost $8 million were locked in our first two PuPs! We are happy to see you being so enthusiastic about them. After the PuPs, we are glad to announce the premiere project for our full-featured Phase 2 product, what we’re calling an Allocation Mining Event (AME)!

This cutting-edge product allows you to “mine” the ever-elusive private sale allocation for crypto gems. We are building an egalitarian system for token launches, and we believe AMEs are exactly the right product at exactly the right time to satisfy our vision of a crypto world that is free from inequity.

The first project to participate in our Launchpool-exclusive innovation — AMEs — is We recently announced our partnership with Unizen, a union that will enable retail investors to participate in exclusively vetted projects. We are proud to announce the details of the $ZCX token launch, via the very first Launchpool AME.

Unizen, The Smart Exchange Platform

What is Unizen? Unizen is a hybrid DEX & CEX platform that combines the best aspects of DeFi and CeFi. The project leverages the deep liquidity and security of its Binance Cloud infrastructure, thanks to a strategic partnership with the premier CEX platform. Moreover, the project features a cross-chain network-agnostic liquidity aggregator, bringing innovative use-cases, such as cross-chain liquidity mining programs or cross-chain token launches.

Unizen is more than a simple exchange. It offers a robust set of services and guides that greatly benefit its platform users, providing a well-rounded crypto experience. The range of products developed includes trading tools, such as automated trading strategies or AI-powered trading, and an incubator for crypto projects.

In addition to the technical products the Unizen team is developing, the team can count on its flagship community, which has grown extensively through a number of marketing campaigns. Unizen recently launched the “Tournament of Alts,” an event created to gauge altcoin community activity and raise awareness on crypto projects.

Unizen is a soon-to-be tier-1 exchange project and comprehensive liquidity aggregator — and we are proud to launch it via Launchpool’s innovative allocation mining mechanism.

Express Your Interest: Mine Allocations for the Latest Projects

After the success of our first two PuPs, we are beginning to understand the staking behavior of our ever-growing community. The larger the $LPOOL community, the more we can divine the ebbs and flows of token movements on our platform and what makes them happen. This accumulated knowledge helps us to refine our allocation mining product, which we feel is a unique and incredibly efficient way for retail investors to participate in the earliest funding rounds that they have historically missed out on.

Here is how the Allocation Mining Event (AME) will work. $LPOOL holders will be able to express their interest in projects to participate in the private rounds. Users will be able to access project pages and information pertaining to the opportunity. If a user is interested in a project, he can stake his $LPOOL to start accumulating a private-tier allocation. The more tokens an individual wallet has and the length of their staking time will determine the allocation offer.

Once finalized after the staking period, the user will have 24 hours to accept the allocation or not, and another 24 hours after that to satisfy all the requirements of the private sale. Then they can make their payment, and receive their staked $LPOOL tokens back. Their newly purchased tokens will be entered into a vesting smart contract, where they will be made available to the user according to the terms of the private round from which that allocation has come.

With this Launchpool process, no one is left behind, and whales are not the only ones to benefit from exclusive private sale prices!

Unizen AME Details

The Unizen Allocation Mining Event will start by mid-April, after Certik has completed the final audit of our Phase 2 smart contracts. The total allocation to be mined is $100,000.

As we have done with our $YLD Pop-Up-Pool, the $ZCX token opportunity will be split into 2 capped and 1 uncapped pools. Most likely, we will have a low-cap pool where a maximum of 50 $LPOOL tokens can be staked; a mid-cap pool where a maximum of 250 $LPOOL tokens can be staked; and a whale pool, where an unlimited amount of $LPOOL tokens can be staked. Each pool will mine one-third of the total $100,000 allocation. In the true spirit of egalitarian investing, this nuance allows us another way to offer more access to those with less.

All pools will have access to the same pricing of $.03 per $ZCX token, with a total of 3,333,333 $ZCX tokens available in the AME.

$LPOOL token holders will be able to start staking their tokens one day before allocation mining starts. The pool will run for 3 days and distribution will begin after the token is listed on Uniswap.

We are thrilled to begin this new step with our community and are excited about our role in helping bring Unizen to life! See you over the next articles and tweets for more information about further development!

About Unizen

Unizen is a new class of digital asset exchange that provides global traders and retail investors alike with access to deep, compliant liquidity through a fully modular aggregation of CeFi, DeFi, and AI-driven social sentiment indicators: all in one seamless user experience.

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Launchpool ($LPOOL) leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving & dynamic space.

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