Launchpool Announces Huge New Pop-up-Pool to Mine YLD Tokens

As part of our fresh new partnership with Yield App, this next PuP runs for more than a month!

Our second PuP makes available over $1.3 million worth of $YLD tokens for $LPOOL stakers to mine.

The Next PuP for YLD is BIG!

We realize that this is just our second Pop-up-Pool, but after the overwhelming success of our first experiment with “allocation mining” with Predict X, we wanted to take the PuP concept to a whole new level. While the first PuP was a small allocation of $20,000 in the strategic round of an up-and-coming project, this PuP can truly run with the big dogs!

  • $1.3 million is the value of the $YLD available in the PuP at this time.
  • 32 days is the duration of the $YLD PuP.
  • Rewards begin to accrue on Monday. All pools will start rewarding $LPOOL stakers at block #12043400 (approx. Mon. 15th March 12 pm UTC) and finish at block #12253000 (approx. Fri. 16th April 12 pm UTC).
  • Pools will appear soon on our frontend, after the publication of this post today. Therefore you will have the weekend to get into position before rewards start accruing on Monday. We hope you take advantage of potential weekend times with low gas prices!
  • Three (3) separate $LPOOL staking pools — 500,000 $YLD tokens each.
  • Pool 2 will have a staking limit of 250 $LPOOL tokens.
  • Pool 3 will have no staking limit of $LPOOL tokens.

Puppies Provide!

It is clear that PuPs are trendy. Who doesn’t like a cute little thing like that?! And so our first goal has been achieved, even small allocations are popular, which is a key insight. Maybe there is a place for them in the future, as simple as a thank you.

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