Launchpool Announces Its Next AME: Singularity DAO

The $SDAO token will be coming to Launchpool for an Allocation Mining Event (AME) starting on May 8th.

If you are finding that you need to be a genius to fully optimise your DeFi portfolio, maybe it’s time to think about getting a little help? How about letting the team that created the inimitable AI bot Sophia bring you artificial intelligence specially crafted for DeFi.

When making DeFi investment decisions, two heads are better than one!

Especially if one of those heads is a cutting edge AI algorithm.

With this new AI-powered DEX, brought to you by behind the mega-minds at Singularity.Net, anyone can use artificial intelligence to make smarter investment decisions. The project allows you to access a diverse basket of DeFi crypto tokens in one contract in a dynamic controlled by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.

AME Info

The Allocation Mining Event (AME) begins on the 8th of May.

  • Deposits open : Now
  • Allocation Mining Opens: block #12392000 ( Expected Sat May 08 2021 06:26:14 UTC)
  • Allocation Mining Ends: block #12418000 (Expected Wed May 12 2021 05:07:17 UTC)
    Funding Ends:
    block #12425000 (Expected Thu May 13 2021 06:46:47 UTC)
  • Allocation Size: $200,000
  • AME Price per Token: $0.3 with no vesting
  • Market Cap on Listing: $2,346,666.48
  • Other price tiers: SEED: $0.15 | PRIVATE: $0.2 | AGI COMMUNITY: $0.2

All other tokenomics for $SDAO can be found here on Page 23 and 24.

About SingularityDAO

SingularityDAO is a decentralised, blockchain-based organisation with the main goal of governing DynaSets, diversified baskets of cryptocurrency assets dynamically managed by AI. Voting power in SingularityDAO is granted by the SingularityDAO token (SDAO). SingularityDAO brings the sophisticated risk-management strategies of AI-managed funds to DeFi, using SingularityNET’s superior AI technology.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepapers for Governance & Platform

About Launchpool

Launchpool ($LPOOL) leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving & dynamic space.

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