Launchpool Announces New Super Cloud Project, Iagon — Upcoming AME

Iagon aims sky-high with their decentralized cloud computing on Cardano.

Iagon is ready to lift the Cloud to Cloud Nine. Iagon (pronounced eye-a-gone not Lagon) is a protocol allowing truly decentralized data storage on a truly decentralized blockchain, Cardano. Iagon is a platform for the people, decentralizing cloud storage and challenging the monopolistic power over data that 5 tech giants dominate (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Alibaba). So it’s no surprise that Launchpool was the chosen launchpad with it’s #FairLaunch4All approach that puts small investors first.

A super computer running on a zillion different laptops

Think of Iagon as a distributed supercomputer that runs on a zillion different laptops, servers and data centers around the world. In addition to offering a decentralized cloud space to securely store data, users can also monetize their idle hardware with zero technical skills required. This Youtube video gives a brief introduction to Iagon. Iagon solves the problem of centralized high cost data storage and wasted laptop space with their innovative solution on Cardano:

Built on Cardano

ADA sits nicely as the number 4 cryptocurrency with a huge marketcap of over $47 billion. The Cardano community is very strong and has been since 2015. Despite Cardano’s successes, new projects launching on the blockchain are just getting started. Iagon will utilize Cardano’s scalability solutions which will make transferring data across the blockchain cost effective and super fast. With the highly anticipated smart contracts coming soon to Cardano, Charles Hoskinson’s vision is coming to fruition. Iagon will be joining these projects in the Cardano ecosystem:

Team and Future

Iagon is a Norway based project and have just recruited their new CTO, Bjørn Bjercke, who joins a team with extensive experience and expertise in IT and cryptocurrency. Launching with LPOOL allows Iagon to build a community of passionate poolers with a long term interest in decentralization and ambitious projects. Sounds great, now Iagonna get ready for launch!

Sounds exciting? The $IAG token will be coming to Launchpool for an Allocation Mining Event (AME) in a few weeks’ time. More details #comingsoon.

About Iagon

As the presence of impactful technology increases, Iagon focuses on the delivery of Decentralized, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence services. In order to develop the Iagon platform, we continuously use cutting edge technologies, including machine learning, big data, data mining, decentralized and distributed systems, as well as blockchain technology.

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