Launchpool announces upcoming AME for Alium — MultiChain AMM DEX with Cross-Chain Option

What do BSC, ETH, NEAR, MATIC, AVAX, OKExChain, and Huobi ECOChain have in common? A Multi-Chain DEX with Cross-Chain Options called Alium Swap.

4 min readMay 11, 2021

Decentralised exchanges are here to stay, as a way to pave for true peer-2-peer economy, anonymity, and interoperability. While there are many DEXes already launched in DeFi (check this list on DefiPrime), there can never be enough. Especially with CEXes and public blockchains requiring interoperability and cross-functional collaboration to support the entire crypto ecosystem.

Launchpool announces AME with Alium Swap

Why AMM DEXes Matter?

AMMs are swap decentralised exchanges that are highly abstract DeFi instruments — with iterations and improvement to the early DEXes (EtherDelta, for example). Uniswap, Kyber, Balancer are essentially AMM DEXes. In this sense, AMM DEXes are superior to the 1.0 DEXes (early ones). Price discovery is not bound to just the buy-sell orders, but a reserve ratio of A to B. Given the ratio, the AMM (swap DEX) would always trade with the user at the rate of A/B. AMM’s main aspect is there are no orders at various prices.

Another example would be a “stable” to “stable” token trading exchange, with fees to be earned in the trade, resulting in more stable tokens.

Enter Alium: a decentralised platform that enables cross-chain trading options, with a focus on improved user experience. AliumSwap creates an advanced multi-blockchain AMM DEX. Allowing the crypto community to extract the maximum profit and choose the blockchain that best suits their needs. Users can now trade assets and quickly transfer them between different blockchains safely.

Where most AMM DEXes are native to the blockchain they launch on, AliumSwap sets the bar high by being blockchain agnostic, and enabling cross-functionality between different blockchain protocols.

Allocation Mining Event (AME) Info

The $ALM token will be coming to Launchpool for an Allocation Mining Event.

  • The Allocation Mining Event (AME) begins on the 17th of May.
  • Deposit Opens: Block #7485000 (Expected Mon May 17 2021 10:05:32 UTC)
  • Allocation Mining Opens: Block #7500000 (Expected Mon May 17 2021 22:35:11 UTC)
  • Allocation Mining Closes: Block #7500010 (Expected Mon May 17 2021 22:35:38 UTC)
  • Payment Window Closes: Block #7514000 (Expected Tue May 18 2021 10:15:35 UTC) (Please note this has to be done because of the Alium IDO scheduled for later that day)
  • Allocation Size: 100k
  • Network: BSC :)
  • Token Symbol: $ALM
  • AME Price Token: Token Price $0.2
  • Vesting Schedule: 0% TGE, 100% vested linearly from TGE for 9 months (11% per month)
  • Market Cap on Listing: $1,371,720

Why Launchpool Chose Alium

Launchpool recognises how Alium addresses the interoperability and cross-chain functionality in AMM DEXes. Most DEX aggregators are predominantly ERC-20 based, whereas Alium brings a fresh agnostic perspective into liquidity and DEX trading.

Cross-chain options cater to the need of liquidity, interoperability and asset variety in DeFi, and connect all stakeholders: community, liquidity pools, CEXes, and DEXes under one solution. Launchpool believes that AliumSwap can make a difference in a market where gas fees make the small investor think twice before entering a trade.

Why Alium Chose Launchpool

As a launch Partner, Launchpool shares the vision to offer more opportunities to the crypto community, and diversify the offerings of AMM DEXes across multiple chains, to benefit and aid small investors who are feeling the burden of high gas fees.

We have chosen Launchpool due to many factors, including the fact that Launchpool works only with good quality projects, have a huge community, and the best marketing activities” — Alium team.

How can the Launchpool Community Get Involved in the Alium AME?

As always, Poolers will get early access to the token at private sale prices via Launchpool’s unique Allocation Mining Event (AME) structure. All you need to do is hold LPOOL tokens, stake in the available AME pools, deposit, and claim your allocation.

Keep an eye on an upcoming AMA with Aleksandr Kents, co-founder of Alium & Roxana, Head of Community, Social, and Outreach at Launchpool. Hosted on the Launchpool Official Telegram Community. Details TBA.

About Alium

Alium Swap is a MultiChain Decentralized Exchange with a Cross Chain option already operating on Binance Smart Chain and Huobi ECOChain with Ethereum, Near, Matic, Avalanche, OKExChain, and more coming.

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About Launchpool

Launchpool ($LPOOL) leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving & dynamic space.

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