Launchpool $LPOOL Rewards

Launchpool Staking Explained

We have had lots of questions about APY’s and the token distributions to the staking pools

Here I will attempt to answer them.

Firstly, these numbers are rounded and in some cases approximations. This should serve to give you an idea of what process is happening to calculate your rewards, not provide definitive answers. The staking contract runs these calculations on exact Total Value Locked (TVL) per block, something that cannot be known simply over a long period of time.

Each pool has a weighting and the tokens are distributed from the contract to the pools dependent on the pools’ weighting.

The easiest way to understand this is to talk in terms of $LPOOL per day distributed to each pool

APY is a calculation done in the following way
APY= (tokens per block)*(total blocks)*4*(LPOOL value)/TVL

Total blocks is 518,400 (this represents around 3 months worth of blocks)

The Ethereum chain typically produces a block every 13–16 seconds.



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