Launchpool partners with Mintlayer to incubate projects layered on Bitcoin

Following the success of its own incubator (Launchpool Labs), Launchpool, the community crowdfunding platform with allocations guaranteed by $LPOOL, is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Mintlayer, a future-proof sidechain that enables DeFi on Bitcoin.

This partnership will focus on incubating exciting new projects within the Mintlayer ecosystem and those interested in integrating or expanding on Mintlayer, providing value equally for both the Launchpool community stakeholders and for the teams building on Mintlayer.

Launchpool, through its wide ecosystem (selection, incubation, acceleration, launch), believes crypto investing should be egalitarian — all project stakeholder groups are as important as each other — and so Launchpool harnesses their combined strengths and aligns their incentives such that the sum is greater than the constituent parts. This improves on current typical methods of investing in blockchain projects which are fragmented, as different stakeholders are not aligned.

Mintlayer is a layer-2 sidechain solution built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, led by Enrico Rubboli, a former senior engineer at Bitfinex who also led the development of USDT. Mintlayer enables the creation of tokens and smart contracts “powered by” (inheriting the security of, and providing interoperability with) Bitcoin. This makes DeFi use cases such as those currently found on Ethereum and other blockchains possible and scalable in a truly “Bitcoin native” environment (using real Bitcoin, not pegged or wrapped) for the first time. Mintlayer also supports Access-Control-Lists which facilitate the creation of compliant stock/security tokens, coinjoin-like features (transaction batching and signature aggregation), Lightning Network, NFTs, a new tokenization standard for issuing Monero-like tokens with confidential transactions, and the first ever free market for gas currencies.

The $MLT coin is the governance token of the Mintlayer protocol. Thanks to Mintlayer, peer-to-peer atomic swap exchanges are possible with BTC directly. And no native gas token is required, since fees can be paid in any token issued on Mintlayer, for instance, any stablecoin.

This partnership will enable select teams building on Mintlayer to raise capital through the Launchpool ecosystem, gain a community of project ambassadors and beta-testers as well as support from both Mintlayer and Launchpool combined network of experienced advisors and builders. It is an exciting opportunity to aid the development of the layer-2 sidechain solution built on top of Bitcoin, whilst simultaneously providing more investing opportunities for the Launchpool community. A more in-depth overview of the partnership including its debut cohort will be announced in due time.

Richard Simpson, CEO at Launchpool, comments: “This partnership marks a deeper commitment to the Mintlayer ecosystem and the chain-agnostic approach at the heart of Launchpool. It will not only offer new options for the Launchpool community to invest in, it will also allow our investors to be at the forefront of experimenting with smart contract technology on Bitcoin, something we think is incredibly important.”

To celebrate the occasion, and to give the Launchpool community another opportunity to gain an allocation of $MLT tokens, we will be hosting another Allocation Mining Event for $350k of Mintlayer tokens starting on Monday the 21st of March. At the time of its raise, the previous Mintlayer round was the most oversubscribed Launchpool raise ever, with over $15m of $LPOOL staked; the details of which can be found here. For full details of the upcoming raise visit the Launchpool app here.

For further information about Launchpool and Mintlayer, visit and



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