Launchpool Partners With Unizen to Bring the Advantages of CeFi to DeFi Fundraising

In less than a month, we have launched the LPOOL token with an innovative farming distribution system, said hello to our first litter of PuPs (Pop Up Pools), and witnessed the explosive growth (all in just a little over two weeks!) of our community of enthusiastic and dedicated Launchpoolers!

These developments mark the first few steps towards realizing our vision of an ecosystem that promotes fair and inclusive token launches. After all, these successes were achieved in tandem with our wonderful community of Launchpoolers. We want to thank you guys for your strong support!

It also just so happens that we’ve crossed another couple milestones today — the number of LPOOL addresses has now passed 3500 and our Twitter followers have exceeded 12,000!

With these accomplishments as backdrop, we are so excited to announce to the community an incredibly synergistic and dynamic partnership with

A Partnership Between a Decentralized Launchpad and The World’s First Smart Exchange Ecosystem

Today we enter into an in-depth strategic partnership with Unizen, an up-and-coming CeFi / DeFi trading platform that you will certainly be hearing a lot about very soon. Launchpool and Unizen are two rising stars taking flight together. As such, the Unizen launch of their $ZCX utility token is scheduled to be the first proper full-featured launch pool on our platform. We expect this to happen sometime in April.

Unizen is a platform which combines the advantages of centralized exchanges, such as deep liquidity and instant transactions, with those of DeFi, such as security and trustlessness. Launchpool’s partnership with Unizen is the first ever partnership between an independent decentralized token launch pad and a centralized exchange. This union marks a big step towards bridging the divide between the centralized and decentralized crypto ecosystems.

DeFi is still relatively small when compared to centralized crypto services. When comparing the 24 hour volume of the top centralized and decentralized exchanges, the gap becomes very clear — Binance’s volume is almost 30 times higher than Uniswap’s. The Launchpool / Unizen partnership is a strong indicator that the trend of DeFi merging with CeFi is only accelerating. This rapid transformation is fantastic news for Launchpool and DeFi in general, as it means we’re likely to see more and more community members and liquidity moving into decentralized ecosystems (including Launchpool’s!).

Unizen: A Smart Exchange Ecosystem

While the growth of DeFi is accelerating, centralized services will always have a place in the world of crypto. Rather than disappearing, CeFi will continue to integrate more closely with the world of DeFi. Unizen is a prime example of this trend, as it is a modularized hybrid DeFi / CeFi platform which works to bring the best of both worlds to its users. With their custom CeFi module, Unizen will leverage Binance Cloud to offer the deepest possible liquidity along with Binance’s industry leading performance and security. On top of this strong foundation Unizen will be building their own unique services for users including ai-powered trading, automated trading strategies, and much more to bring your trading experience to the next level.

Unizen’s Binance Cloud integration will allow Launchpool’s projects the opportunity to take advantage of the deep, centralized liquidity.

On the DeFi side of things, Unizen is building a cross-chain network-agnostic liquidity aggregator which allows Launchpool projects to draw from the combined liquidity of all the chains connected to Unizen’s system. This cross-chain integration could allow for some very interesting potential use cases, such as cross-chain liquidity mining programs, cross-chain token launches, and more.

Tapping into Unizen’s Impressive Community

As we are acutely aware of at Launchpool, community is probably the most important factor in determining the difference between success and failure for any individual project in this industry. We’re glad to see that Unizen also understands the importance of community, and has been very effective in establishing their own. While their platform is not yet live and their token has yet to see a wide public launch, Unizen has already managed to build a community of thousands of enthusiastic crypto fans. They have shown great talent for community building through a combination of an engaged and communicative core team, along with a skillful use of social media.

The opportunity to tap into this rare talent for marketing prowess is a very exciting prospect for Launchpool projects. This partnership allows Pooler projects to tap directly into Unizen’s highly engaged community in order to bootstrap the development of their own project’s community. While Launchpool projects can already expect to see a nice bootstrap effect from the increasingly large army of $LPOOL holders, this partnership will further enhance the community building bump projects would get when they choose to launch via Launchpool.

One recent example of Unizen’s community building expertise is their “Tournament of Alts” powered by LunarCRUSH, which saw an impressive level of engagement. The activity is a contest that pits fans of various tokens against each other for a friendly competition to see which community can raise their social media metrics the most over the course of the competition. Unizen has created their own social media indicators based on LunarCRUSH data, which they describe here. This LunarCRUSH integration is just one example of Unizen’s community building expertise. Launchpool projects that would like to enhance their community building efforts would be welcomed to join similar such activities in the future.

Looking Forward to Growing Together

We have great expectations for our partnership with Unizen, and are incredibly excited to see how both of our relatively new projects will continue to grow and evolve over the coming months. As a token launchpad, we’re always on the lookout for innovative projects with hardworking and skilled teams which have the potential for explosive growth. We think Unizen is just such a project.

Unizen will continue to ramp up their schedule of token launches and work on releasing more and more innovative DeFi investing products such as our recently announced PuPs. We can’t wait to see Unizen in action, and we’ll continue to be on the lookout for further areas of productive mutual cooperation.

Immediate Benefits

Both projects are still building out their offerings and we’re excited to be linked together as these announcements continue to roll out. These partnerships will allow for many synergies that both projects can realise. Right now there are some key elements to take note of.

The two projects can work in tandem with many different projects. In the launch-to-list phase of a new token’s life, finding the first centralized exchange can be a difficult decision. As soon as the Unizen team has launched their product and are able to do so, the $LPOOL token will benefit from a listing on the Unizen exchange. This listing will establish a route for Launchpool projects to also list on Unizen, application permitting. Similarly, from the seed-to-launch perspective, Unizen’s ZenX incubator has the ability to generate innovative, high quality projects that can benefit from the innovative launch products offered on the Launchpool platform.

We believe the future is bright for both Unizen and Launchpool. Together, we think that we can make that light shine even brighter still.

About Unizen

Unizen is a new class of digital asset exchange that provides global traders and retail investors alike with access to deep, compliant liquidity through a fully modular aggregation of CeFi, DeFi, and AI-driven social sentiment indicators: all in one seamless user experience.

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About Launchpool

Launchpool ($LPOOL) leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving & dynamic space.

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