Launchpool Presents Pop-Up-Pools — A Unique Innovation for Launchpads

Launchpool Has Launched, and We’re Picking Up Speed!

5 min readMar 8, 2021

I’m grateful to yet again be writing to thank you, our amazing community, for your enthusiastic and continued support!

The Launchpool ($LPOOL) token launch has been a roaring success, and has laid a strong foundation which we will continue to build on. We’ve experienced explosive growth since launch time, and we’ve got the metrics to prove it! We’ve expanded to well over 11,000 Twitter followers, Total Value Locked (TVL) at its peak reached over $70 million, and our address count has steadily climbed to now nearly 3,500 HODLers! We’ve also been joined by almost 10,000 Telegram members! (And we’re proud to say that’s all organic growth! No airdrops or whitelisting carrots here!)

Those numbers are just the start — they continue to increase daily as more and more people discover and resonate with our vision for a proper DeFi Launchpad. That vision is quite simple:

Token launches should be fair and inclusive.

Launchpool Stays True to Its Values

Our approach to “Egalitarian Investing” means that we constantly assess whether we are serving all stakeholders equally, and adjust our process when we find the need. There are difficult decisions to be made regarding how we are going to structure our Phase 2 deals to bring private tier pricing to the masses. Egalitarianism must consider the balance between small and large token holders, what is the right thing to do for these holders, and what is right for the projects we launch.

DeFi is still in its infancy, and is constantly experimenting by combining social and economic mechanisms in ways which have never before been attempted. So it’s important for us as an industry, and Launchpool as a project, to constantly monitor and collect feedback from our community in order to adapt and best serve all our community members.

Meet Pop-Up-Pools — An Industry First

There’s no better way for us to begin gaining a better understanding of our community and the economic and social forces influencing them than by observing first hand. So with this in mind we are proud to introduce our first innovation in the realm of “Egalitarian Investing” — Pop-Up-Pools (PUP).

These tranches of exciting new cutting-edge crypto projects will serve as both a thank you to our community (we’re giving these allocations away for free to those who stake their LPOOL tokens into these limited-time staking pools) and as a test bed for our Launchpool developers to observe staking flows and customer behaviour. Of course, our loyal Poolers, you will be rewarded for taking part!

The PUP concept is a first ever for the world of decentralized launchpads, we’re incredibly excited to be introducing it to the LPOOL community and the wider industry! This uniquely innovative offering is sure to bring tremendous value to our LPOOL holders!

PUP’s will vary in their offerings, small and large value, pre-IDO to public tokens. So pay attention!

(Note: Some PUPs are “pre-IDO”, meaning that they are small private sale allocations which are vested, so pay attention to future announcements with details about the vesting schedule.)

The First PUP is Coming This Week!

Our first pop-up-pool is a small $20,000 allocation in the private round of a hot new project. LPOOL token holders who stake into the PUP will receive a holding token as reward. The pool will launch in a few days, run for a period of 2 days, at the end of which the pool will be retired, and holding tokens will cease to be issued.

This presents LPOOL token holders with an interesting economic decision — they must decide between either farming for more LPOOL tokens in our existing pools, or “allocation mining” in the PUP. By observing how many LPOOL holders choose to participate in the PUP we hope to learn how strong of an incentive a small private allocation is even during times of relatively expensive gas prices, and even when the ultimate public price of the project is unknown.

As the first ever PUP, we’ve kept this one small and simple. Future PUPs will evolve over time, you can expect to see private and public allocations available to participants among other changes, but they will always be free to our awesome community.

Here’s a cute pup waiting for the first Launchpool PUP!

Guidelines for the First PUP

Participants in this PUP must not move their holding tokens from the address where they first receive it! The swap for the real token will be done in accordance with a vesting schedule, and moving the token to a different address could result in loss of your entire allocation. The holding token has no value other than its ability to be swapped at a later date for the real tokens.

The holding token is issued purely by Launchpool, it has nothing to do with the project it represents on our platform. They do not recognise it and will not support it. We must be clear, this will be a Launchpool holding token only.

The complete detailed guidelines for participating in our first PUP will be released in the next few days, so if you’re planning to participate, make sure to check our announcements on Twitter and Telegram every day.

Looking Toward the Rest of the Week

As we gear up for the launch of our Phase 2 Launchpools, it’s important that we observe the behaviour of our community as they are faced with the prospect of allocation mining with LPOOL tokens across multiple pools at the same time. That’s right! We’re looking to launch multiple projects at the same time in the near future, even before Phase 1 farming has concluded.

Our project pipeline is already that full!

We’ll be releasing more details about these pipeline projects as well as the details of our first Pop-Up-Pool this week.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to transforming the launchpad space with you, our community, together!


Richard Simpson
CEO, Launchpool

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