Launchpool Rolls Out Phase 2 MVP Today

In preparation for our bursting pipeline of projects to conduct Allocation Mining Events on our platform, we’re excited to launch our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) today.

Dear Poolers,

Today we are excited to officially announce the start of Launchpool’s Phase 2 MVP. Phase 1 has been a great success for our $LPOOL community. We’ve amassed a large community in a short amount of time. We’ve experienced token price highs and numerous gems (PredictX, Totem,, RAI) that have flown through our wallets. But it is now time to take our egalitarian operation to the next level!

Celebrating Our Phase 1 Successes

Phase 1 saw Launchpool rocket onto the launchpad scene in late February. We took off from standing still to now there are over 5,800 $LPOOL token holders. We have a vibrant community of dedicated $LPOOL stakers excited to see us execute toward our #FairLaunch4All mantra. The token price has stabilized around $20 per $LPOOL. And our beloved Poolers have been conditioned to stake their $LPOOL tokens for handsome rewards (Reminder: You still have 46 days remaining to stake and earn $LPOOL).

From our perspective, that is tremendous growth for just over 6 weeks, which is something we’re really proud of. It is clear that the egalitarian investing approach that gives everyone equal investment opportunities has struck home and is beginning to set a new standard for crypto launchpads. These past few weeks we have hunkered down to focus on hiring new talent for our team, develop strong and efficient processes to service our pipeline startup companies and, most importantly, ready our Phase 2 platform for Allocation Mining Events (AME) for release.

Looking Forward to Leveling Up for Phase 2

As we move into Phase 2, the objective for the Launchpool platform (and seemingly for crypto overall) is to gain mainstream adoption as well as to ensure safety and fairness for our community. With this in mind, Phase 2 will require Poolers who want to participate in our AME’s to first KYC. Many other launchpads hand over control of the KYC requirements to the projects for them to dictate, which often means people having to go through the hassle of formalized KYC processes just to get into a whitelist that does not even guarantee an allocation. By contrast, Launchpool allows $LPOOL token holders to KYC just once to access all projects. They will just have to update their Proof of Address documents on a periodic basis, as required by the projects on offer. As always, Launchpool puts user experience and user convenience first. We advise everyone to KYC now to beat the rush later. That’s why we’re excited to announce the opening up of our KYC Portal today!

This KYC level-up will increase the confidence of our token holders in Launchpool projects. It will also help us to attract the best new legitimate top-notch token projects to do at least part of their launch with us. Other benefits include making the Launchpool protocol more scam-resistant and ensuring ultimate fairness, as only one person can have one account. This combination, in turn, gives our community the best investment opportunities. It is a process that we will refine over time, but we already feel that with our platform-wide KYC Portal we are introducing robust elements necessary to the growth of the launchpad industry. Our intent is to be a leader, not a follower, in this field. We have our eyes set on developing a trend of trailblazing that sets the pace.

The Vision

Launchpool has blasted onto the DeFi scene and is now steadily giving the community regulatory safety and security. The vision is for Launchpool to be the gold standard for crypto launchpads. Big thanks to all the trust we’ve received from investors and projects so far, this is just the beginning!

To KYC for ALL of our upcoming projects, please register an account on our brand new Phase 2 website here.

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