Launchpool x Mixsome to Bring Claiming Gas Costs to Zero

Zero Gas Costs for Claiming Rewards. All vesting done via Binance Smart Chain Airdrops.

Why Binance Smart Chain?

Launchpool’s goal has always been to provide everyone with the same access to deals, regardless of how much people are able to invest. As we bring a #FairLaunch4All, we also want to ensure that we do everything in a way that is compliant with regulations to protect all stakeholders. What is also important is to provide the best possible service. We have listened to the community feedback and we hear the continual request for cheaper transactions.

  1. Expensive gas fees hit smaller investors hard. We want to help our community in every way we can, and BSC is one way.
  2. More diversity in terms of projects and upcoming AMEs. Many projects are moving to Binance Smart Chain, and by supporting BSC, Launchpool can also bring more projects to our LPOOL community.
  3. More options for our community to choose from. Having no choice does not sit well with our #FairLaunch4All initiative. The Launchpool team will always work hard to serve the community.
  4. Launchpool is aiming to become blockchain-agnostic, and this is our next step towards supporting different blockchains and different builders.
  5. This strategic move is an extension of capabilities, which will not affect our love for Ethereum. Launchpool will continue supporting projects on Ethereum going forward.

What This Means for Mixsome and Launchpool

  1. All vesting for Mixsome will be done via BSC airdrops.
  2. Claim your holding token once, that’s it, no more gas costs.
  3. Allocation Mining Events (AME) will remain on Ethereum, as Launchpool services have not entirely migrated to Binance Smart Chain. We have plans to soon mirror all our contracts on BSC.
  4. The Vesting Schedule will be adjusted.

Adjustments to Vesting Schedule

Before: Allocation Mining on Ethereum had a vesting schedule of 15% at TGE via BSC, followed by a linear claim from Ethereum over the course of one year.

How It Works

Vesting via BSC airdrops will work similar to our $RAI Pop-Up Pools (PuP). At the end of the Allocation Mining Event, participants will be offered an allocation. Once they accept it, they will receive a Mixsome holding token which they must claim (1 gas transaction) to their wallet.

Metamask Setup on BSC

It is very important that you use your exact same Ethereum address that is registered on the platform on BSC. But don’t worry you already have it! Holders will have the same wallet address, and thus the same private keys, on both chains. This is why it was so important to leave your holding tokens where they are in your wallet! Poolers need do nothing more than set up their wallet as directed in the Binance Academy article.

About Mixsome

Mixsome is a DeFi tool that helps create and optimize DeFi strategies by allowing customers to mix different DeFi protocols and tokens into customized token baskets. Customers can set up a different number of DeFi protocol tokens, and then Mixsome mixes it into the same transaction, allowing customers to benefit from DeFi growth and yields by building custom strategies simply and conveniently. Furthermore, customers can create different strategies simultaneously and manage their risks without sacrificing potential yields.

About Launchpool

Launchpool ($LPOOL) leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving & dynamic space.



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