Listen up! Our fresh new PuP is an exclusive reward for the Launchpool community.

A token with a difference: The Launchpool community are getting first access to the $LSTN token, a project supported by global film and music artists.

A PuP (pop-up-pool) with a social purpose is now live on Launchpool. Stake $LPOOL to receive early private sale Listen tokens as rewards. Previous PuPs have included red-hot projects BTC Proxy, Roseon Finance, and Realm. Our PuPs are an innovation that the community loves!

PuP’s are our way of introducing a project to the community and rewarding you all for being the Diamond Hand HODLers that you are.

The $LSTN pup will offer $50,000 worth of pre-IDO tokens. They’ll be priced at the private sale price, and they’ll be given away for free! You only pay gas costs.

Our next PuP is for an outstanding project and REWARDS ARE STARTING TOMORROW. The Listen PuP will be on the Ethereum chain, but you still have time today to manage your gas as the deposit window is NOW OPEN.

Estimated timings:

  • Deposit Opens: Wednesday 11th August
  • Rewards start — Block #13009168 Thu Aug 12 2021 09:00:55 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)*
  • Rewards End — Block #13015668 Fri Aug 13 2021 09:13:56 AM GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)*
  • *Timings are based on block times, and are estimated.

Introducing Listen, an NFT project with a big heart and famous friends.

Listen is the brainchild of creative genius, Tony Hollingsworth. Tony has produced several of the biggest global entertainment events. From Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Party to The Wall — Live in Berlin, Tony has used his pull as a producer to bring global talent on-board to make these events meteoric. In previous stages of the Listen campaign, global names like Samuel L. Jackson and Natalie Portman have lent their support to amplify the message of Listen.

Hollingsworth has created ‘The Listen Campaign’, a massive campaign to hundreds of millions of people worldwide, creating a global community and driving social impact through the production and consumption of digital art on the blockchain. It is a multi-faceted campaign, but a highlight is the epic global entertainment event Listen Live, scheduled for 22nd June 2022.

We look forward to seeing which artists Tony will bring into the fold for The Listen Campaign! Keep an eye on their Twitter and Telegram channels.

The Listen Campaign has been created to recognise and highlight solutions to vulnerable and disadvantaged children’s problems. Launchpool is proud to be Launch Partner of The Listen Campaign, and with this PuP we are helping to share the project and its mission with the community.

The Listen Campaign is a unique, annual and global star-studded campaign that will illuminate the problems faced by the world’s one billion vulnerable and severely disadvantaged children and will recognise projects already providing much-needed solutions. At the heart of the campaign are children telling their own stories. Here are some of the key things to know:

  • One of the ways the Listen campaign is raising funds is by auctioning premium NFT’s to Listen Token holders.
  • You can read more about the premium NFT’s here.
  • The Listen Campaign is on a mission to show the world the problems faced by its 1 billion vulnerable and disadvantaged children, and to celebrate proven solutions that can be replicated and scaled up.

In a decade the Listen campaign should:

  • Generate $4 billion of media exposure about solutions to their problem.
  • Activate a community of 35 million participants.
  • Provide $1bn of grants to children’s projects.

We know the Launchpool community will be as excited to work with the Listen Campaign on its mission as we are.

Listen will be the first digital collectibles platform with an integrated pipeline of NFTs from ‘Star Creative Artists’ and the best of ‘Citizen Artists’ from around the world.

Each year over 100 of the world’s top Creative Artists from Art, Digital Art, Literature, Music and Film — and tens of thousands of Citizen Artists — will contribute to and create unique content for the Campaign. Selected items will be minted as NFTs (scarce digital collectibles on the blockchain).

The Listen Campaign will curate and sponsor these limited edition digital collectibles via scheduled drops and auctions on the Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop platform.

Stay tuned to our community channels for more updates on the Listen project as they happen.

Stake your $LPOOL to earn FREE tokens from the Private Sale

Those who stake will be mining a holding token that they can switch to the $LSTN token at listing. The $LSTN token has enormous utility, and only token holders have the right to:

  • Bid on NFTs.
  • A 5% discount in the NFT Auctions and Shop if you hold over 250,000 $LSTN.
  • A 10% discount in the NFT Auctions and Shop if you hold over 500,000 $LSTN.
  • Automatic entry into a lottery to win (1 of 50) two “Private View” tickets to attend the whole of “Listen Live LA” involving at least 28 top Musicians, 12 Film Stars and World Leaders in a private viewing with family and friends on Monday June 20th, 2022 at the LA Coliseum.
  • A free ticket for the global streaming of Listen Live Plus on June 22nd 2022 if you hold over 10,000 $LSTN.
  • You can vote for the winners of The Listen Creative Arts Awards (see
  • Users who “stake” 5,000 $LSTN on the official Auction and Shop site will earn 100 Listen points per month (per 5,000 $LSTN staked).

For more information on the Listen token and campaign, visit:

Listen PuP Detail

  • Name: Listen Holding Token — swapped later for $LSTN
  • Chain: ETH
  • Symbol: $LSTN
  • Contract Address: TBC
  • Rewards: $50,000
  • Pricing of Native Token: USD$0.016 (Private Sale)
  • Limit: NO LIMIT
  • Deposit Opens: Wednesday 11th August
  • Rewards start — Block #13009168 Thu Aug 12 2021 09:00:55 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)*
  • Rewards End — Block #13015668 Fri Aug 13 2021 09:13:56 AM GMT+0100 (British Summer Time)*
  • *Timings are based on block times, and are estimated.
  • Note: Please be aware that there could be some heavy gas fees associated with PuPs. Please participate at your own discretion. We suggest for monitoring gwei. As always, this is not financial advice.

A reminder on how PuPs work

  1. Stake $LPOOL into a pool to receive a holding token (there will be gas a cost to stake).
  2. At the end of the PuP claim your holding token (there will be a gas cost to claim).
  3. When the real project token launches we will create a pool for the holding token holders to stake into to receive the real token (there will be a gas cost).
  4. During the distribution (which will be equal in length to the private round the allocation came from) tokens will be able to be claimed, how often and when they are claimed is up to you (with the associated gas cost).

PLEASE NOTE: Removing these holding tokens from the wallet that you use to mine the holding token rewards will result in the holding tokens becoming invalid. We will not honour the token swap for the real token. You have been warned!


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