$LPOOL APY Resolution

2 min readFeb 23, 2021

Dear Poolers,

First of all, thank you for your continued support and patience as we launch our project. All projects experience teething issues and ours is no different. What is important is how we react to those issues.

The APY and rewards of the $LPOOL pool was not correctly configured. As far as we’re aware all other pools are working as expected. The depositors in the $LPOOL pool, therefore, have not received the rewards they should have been allocated.

We will resolve this in the following ways:

It is not now possible to stake into the $LPOOL pool. Only unstaking is permitted.

We will create a new pool with the correct rewards and APY attributable to it. A new $LPOOL staking pool. It will have the same number of tokens attributed to it and so you can expect a similar APY to the one advertised on the previous pool. We will aim to do this part first and soon.

We will reimburse all stakers in the original pool with the $LPOOL tokens that they should have earned over the course of the distribution so far and until they unstake. This will be based on the average APY that was showing on the pool during the period they were staked. This includes those that have since unstaked. Please, bear with us a little on this!

We will check the calculations to ensure everybody is correctly reimbursed, and will distribute via airdrop to the wallets concerned.

Gas is incredibly high at the moment so we don’t expect people to unstake from the old pool immediately, we will calculate rewards based on time staked up to the end of the existing $LPOOL pool. Therefore I will give everyone a period of time, based on working with the community, to change from the old pool to the new pool. I would like this completed as soon as possible. Rewards will stop accumulating today, once the new pool is available, assuming gas prices drop sufficiently to make the transfer a reasonable request by us to you.

Again I would like to thank the many many community members who have remained patient and understanding during this period. And as a sign of our appreciation and to cover gas costs we will add an additional $200 of our token to each wallet we drop to.

If you do believe you have any issues with staking and rewards, please reach out to an admin in the telegram with details of your issue and your wallet address.




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