On 4/20, Get Punted with Greenheart’s CBD Token

The $CBD AME starts on World Cannabis Day. The combination of agribusiness and DeFi offers “high” potential.

4 min readApr 19, 2021

We are proud to announce the details of our next Allocation Mining Event (AME). The staking of $LPOOL into allocation mining pools has already been made available on our website. Rewards will begin to accrue tomorrow. The generous private sale allocation of $500,000 worth of $CBD tokens will last a whopping 2 weeks.

The combination of agriculture and decentralized financial services is a heretofore unexplored crypto niche, creating a unique opportunity known as AgriDeFi.

Dear Poolers,

Launchpool is proud to announce a partnership with Ireland’s best cannabidiol (CBD) oil producer, Greenheart. Greenheart is transforming CBD production by using DeFi powered loans and their own unique CBD production technology such as their drones which leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data to increase crop profitability for farmers.

Why is Launchpool Cultivating the Greenheart Crop?

A quick look at the numerous successful projects that Launchpool has started shows they embrace projects with cutting edge innovation, and Greenheart is about as cutting edge as they come! With the aim of transforming the lives of farmers through bringing DeFi and new technology to the international agriculture industry, Greenheart has acres of ambition. The 100% Irish owned business is laser focused on evolving their CBD oil production.

Plans include using smart contracts and DeFi to facilitate financing for farmers who need it most. On the production side they utilize a supply chain tracking system and AI-powered drones to collect data which guide farmers to make more profitable farming decisions. Greenheart’s use of CBD (a legal derivative of cannabis hemp) in production has overcome the traditional stigma associated with marijuana. As this Irish Times article indicates, the Greenheart time has even gotten the Irish government onside.

$CBD Tokenomics

The full tokenomics of the $CBD project is included below. Here’s a reminder that Launchpool is a unique crypto launch platform. While other IDO platforms focus on public sale pricing, we deliver private sale allocations to our loyal Pooler family. While that means we can typically get tokens for much cheaper than other IDO platforms, it does mean that we need to accept vesting terms to get that cheaper rate.

The Greenheart project is no different. Our Poolers will get to enjoy a 25% discount on their tokens as compared to the public sale price, but that preferential pricing comes at the expense of vesting. No $CBD tokens will be received at TGE. There will be a 1 month cliff followed by a 25% per month release schedule.

AME Info

  • Allocation Size: $500,000
  • Tokens to be Mined: 6,666,666.6667 $CBD across 3 $LPOOL staking pools (50/250/Unlimited)
  • Vesting: 25% per month after a 1-month cliff
  • Launchpool Private Sale Pricing: $.075 per $CBD
  • Mining Rewards Start Time: April 20, 2021 1pm UTC approx.
  • Mining Rewards End Time: May 3, 2021 9am UTC approx.
  • Other Pricing Tiers: $.10 PUBLIC (no seed round)
Take a look at our video introducing the $CBD token.

Why is Greenheart entrusting Poolers to make this project blossom?

Launchpool is changing the game by giving all LPOOL token stakers an even chance to invest in the hottest new projects, regardless of how big or small the investment size is. With part of Greenheart’s mission being to empower the smallest farmers and Launchpool empowering the smallest investors, both projects align on bringing the fruits of defi to everyone.

“Aside from the amazing technical tools in the blockchain space, we were really drawn into the crypto space by the ambitious and passionate communities here. We’re excited to engage with the forward-looking Poolers community.”

— Shane Brett, Greenheart CEO.

How can you help grow the CBD token?

If you want to join the Greenheart grassroots movement then start staking that LPOOL and be ready for launch! No need to worry about gas wars because once you’ve staked LPOOL you start earning your allocation which is guaranteed in full to all stakers.

About Greenheart

Greenheart is a leading CBD tech company using DeFi, blockchain, and crypto to bring the agricultural industry into the 21st century. We equally passionate about both blockchain and CBD!

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About Launchpool

Launchpool ($LPOOL) leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving & dynamic space.

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