Partnership Spotlight: Launchpool Partners with Mighty Labs DAO

The two Web3 communities announce strategic partnership.

2 min readAug 14, 2023

As we navigate through challenging times, we appreciate your patience, your feedback, and your trust in us. Your concerns regarding recent events haven’t gone unnoticed. We are actively working towards strengthening our platform and creating a better experience for our community.

Launchpool // Launchpool Labs x MightyLabsDAO partnership announcement.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Mighty Labs DAO, a respected player in the NFT space. This partnership comes as a result of our continuous efforts to bring more diverse opportunities to our community.

The partnership will enable us to combine our resources, knowledge, and expertise to discover and fund NFT and digital assets-based projects. Our focus will be on early-stage projects, potentially opening up unique opportunities for our community. Mighty Labs DAO members, including respected BAYC, MAYC, DeGods and Azuki NFT owners will be able to engage with projects that launch via Launchpool // Launchpool Labs.

In addition, Mighty Labs DAO will offer Launchpool Labs community members exclusive, early access to their upcoming ‘Pioneers’ mint. The Pioneers collection is the second collection released by Mighty Labs DAO, presenting a new entry point into their ecosystem.

MightyLabs DAO announces Pioneers PFP NFT collection.

With only 2,048 Pioneers in the collection, this opportunity offers a blend of exciting utilities, from voting power in the DAO, token-based rewards, dynamic and upgradable profile pictures (PFP), to staking for higher rewards in Mighty Labs’ soon-to-be-released Trailblaze Launchpad.

We believe this partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to fairness and transparency. As Electric, core member of Mighty Labs DAO, mentioned, “[we] highly appreciate what the Launchpool team is doing for the web3 space.” He expressed his confidence that this partnership would benefit everyone involved, emphasizing that both Launchpool and Mighty Labs DAO share aligned core values.

We hope this announcement brings some light to the current situation and reassures you of our commitment to our community. We want to thank you once again for your unwavering support and look forward to sharing more exciting developments soon.

About Mighty Labs DAO

Mighty Labs is an initiative to bring together a private group of creators, service providers, and collectors under a multi-tiered DAO to curate and incubate Web3 projects for its own Trailblaze launchpad. Mighty Labs’ mission is to fuel a cultural and technological renaissance in web3 by nurturing and supporting the mover and shakers of the future.

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