Quarterly Letter from Launchpool CEO to the Community

Time flies in a crypto bull-market, except during the dips! This week we reach the first landmark for Launchpool — our three month anniversary. Our new Launchpool Product reveal, inside!

5 min readMay 17, 2021
Launchpool is the first pre-IDO launchpad focused on bringing an egalitarian mission and lowering the barrier to enter the crypto investment space

To our valued Community here at Launchpool,

We took a moment to reflect on how we are progressing toward our mission of Egalitarian Investing, producing our April Report:

Our chief achievement is the building of our community, over thirty thousand strong across social media platforms. We set out to build a Pre-IDO launchpad that would offer more sophisticated market participants the opportunity to get in on private round sales, and over ten thousand of you have participated in our unique Allocation Mining Events. We thank you for your support and are glad to have you on the pooler team.

We are proud of the six projects that have launched so far: Unizen, Mixsome, Unifarm, Greenheart CBD, SingularityDAO, and just leaving the pad, BTC Proxy. You will see from our April report that each has had a very successful launch, getting the tokens into the hands of many more investors than standard public sale launchpads — about five times more, in fact — meaning that you don’t have to be lucky to get an allocation with Launchpool, you just have to stake your $LPOOL in the projects you like, to guarantee an investment. We don’t like to boast about prices achieved, but many of you will have seen great return on investment from your initial purchase prices after participating in our AMEs. And of course we can always strive for better returns.

Route to market for projects via Launchpads has grown significantly with many more Launchpads out there. In my opinion, when we launched and changed the funding model, we sparked an allocation war in our sector, with IDO platforms trying to match our allocation sizes. That has been to the detriment of the projects launching. Ever bigger IDO launches have led to more token flippers and unsustainable momentum post IDO.

This will also be a focus for us going forward, leveraging our position and knowledge to advise projects to lower these IDO raises. I hope that this will be evident in some of the coming launches; if so, then it will provide further weight to our strategy of larger private vested rounds and smaller IDO’s.

Speaking of projects — you will note that announcements of AMEs are coming thick and fast as we on-board new products to launch. Upcoming for May, we have an amazing list: CCAI, Bumper, Polkacipher, Coinburp, Alium — with half a dozen more raises to be announced before month’s end. Our partnership with Alphabit and the 11 other funds in our network fills the pipeline with the most desirable projects, and they continue to invest at the same prices and terms as Launchpool users.

It’s not all plain sailing, and we acknowledge that there have been bumps in the road. We set out to offer a #FairLaunch4ALL, and developed contracts and investing experiences to level the playing field. Unfortunately, gas prices have levelled everything in their path! We have listened to the community and made timely changes as the situation evolved, and each day we continue to seek the best solution to serve the whole community on our platform.

We will also continue to develop our offering, with you — the customer in mind, more on this in the coming days too.

With crypto being so fast paced sometimes it is easy to forget we have only been going for three months. Yet looking back at what we have done, I am incredibly proud of the team and the rate of progress. We have introduced AME’s through Binance Smart Chain, to lower the cost of transaction. We now also price our raises in USDC and/or BUSD, to make it easier for you to manage the purchase of allocations you have mined. There is still more to do and we will set out our direction soon.

Scaling a startup has proved to be a difficult endeavour and I thank all of you for your continued patience and faith in us as we grow and build. Since we started, we have added nine people to our team, mainly in marketing. Our marketing output and community management is starting to show real signs of improvement and I am particularly happy with the strides we have taken in this regard. Well done, team!

What Is Next for Launchpool

Well, we are super excited to be able to announce the second phase of the Launchpool roadmap. We are developing our own Launchpool incubator to find and develop founders and crypto projects from their nascent stages until launch. That means for the first time that our community will be able to act like a mini-VC, investing early in projects, taking on the risk and potential reward of seed round prices.

Launchpool Roadmap Upgrade: 2021

We will be sharing a lot more this week, but the key takeaway for $LPOOL holders is that the incubator is created as a reward for our loyal community. Details will be shared in the coming weeks as we develop the project, but those who have held $LPOOL for longer periods and those that have participated in AMEs will be the first ones who can mine allocations in the incubated projects.

I can’t reveal the incubator’s name, but it won’t be long before we share it with you, the community, the very heart of Launchpool. There is also work underway on our next Launchpool marketing campaign, a series of supporting educational materials, and of course we are deep in the trenches digging out those gem projects to launch with you all.

So that’s our latest news. Lots to be excited about for the Launchpool community, especially for the longer term token holders who will be able to first access the upcoming incubator.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support over our first quarter.


Launchpool CEO

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Launchpool ($LPOOL) leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving & dynamic space.

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