Raiinmaker, the social influence value network of the future

Raiinmaker provides companies and projects with the capability to measure the return and impact of their campaign spend, leveraging specific metrics such as earned likes, comments, shares, and views, and in turn provide better experiences to influencers.

Raiinmaker is a Social Engagement Platform that enables the community and project to unite for mutual benefit. The platform tracks data utilising distributed ledgering technology on social engagements to harness, measure and distribute the value of collective social interactions. All of a user’s interactions and referrals are brought together to create a complete view so projects can better measure returns on investment on digital interactions and better reward influencers and affiliates alike.

The Influencer Age

Platforms such as Instagram have allowed everyday individuals with hobbies to form parasocial relationships with their followers, and capitalise on this following with sponsored posts and content. Paying a celebrity or person of interest to endorse your brand to their following is nothing new, however, in recent years there has been a significant shift in the amount ad spend allocated to influencer marketing campaigns over other, more traditional, marketing methods. Notably, the influencer marketing industry is set to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022.

Despite this exponential growth in the importance of influencer marketing, only around a third of businesses use software or some sort of data validation to find influencers, with most relying on recommendations. Furthermore, the tools available for the influencer marketing team, content creator and individuals with influence to manage campaigns, as well as properly and fairly transact are still limited.

Enter, Raiinmaker.

Proof Of Influence

The influencer of old was hired based solely on their number of followers and a handshake with a marketer. The new Raiinmaker is hired based on success driven metrics that include cryptographic identity proofs, and AI enabled data sets. Raiinmakers are matched with programmatically defined campaigns that connect with the individuals unique data profile that drives specific social action.

The Raiinmaker platform uses a matching engine that allows the brand or content creator to quantify the parameters for the quality and style of influence that is incentivised and rewarded. The ideal Raiinmaker profile for a campaign is defined based on a number of criteria including: location, age demographic, audience niche, core values, and custom data profile identity factors ensuring the best influencer for the campaign every time.

Proof of Influence (PoI) is a consensus mechanism on the Raiinmaker network powered by a proprietary algorithm that tracks, quantifies and verifies the value of Social Influence, with proof signed utilising blockchain technology. Influence defined datasets are hashed onto the blockchain in an immutable, transparent and secure manner that addresses legacy issues of data quality assurance. The algorithm defines PoI utilising two distinct scoring systems, the Influence Score and the Quality Score.

The Influence Score measures the return and impact of influencer actions, leveraging specific audited and verified metrics such as likes, comments, shares, views and other valued network actions. The score also aims to take into account passive and secondary engagements, such as sales and virality.

The Quality Score assigns influence value based on an individual Raiinmaker’s performance metrics in relation to key comparative quantified factors such as click-through-rate, copy relevance and influence demographic relevance to the campaign. The score also incentivises valued actions and disincentivizes non-valued actions through distributing a larger weighted reward for data driven, measurable engagements relevant to the campaign goals.

The COIIN Token

The $COIIN token will be the primary utility token for payments within the Raiinmaker system for all actions. The max supply is capped at 1,000,000,000, with an initial supply of 100,000,000, with the remainder locked in a smart contract and minted each 28 days through the Proof of Influence process.

The steady addition of new tokens is mined as value created for projects and users in the collective network, akin to “Influence”. Rather than relying on social influence metrics, Raiinmaker focuses on empirical evidence that a secondary effect occurs. Rather than rewarding an arbitrary action of the user, the rewards are based on objective evidence of audience engagement.

Over the 28 day mining period, the collective social value created on the Raiinmaker network is calculated and the proportional number of Coiin tokens are minted by the contract. These Coiins are then distributed based on the PoI to campaign creators and users who have created and staked value on the network.

The Raiinmaker Team

Founder and CEO, J.D. Seraphine, comes from an experienced background of film production and various entrepreneurial endeavours having previously worked on, and helped finance; Rock of Ages, Hesher, Growing Up Smith, and Sirius to name a few. The documentary “Sirius” was entirely crowdfunded and went on to do over $1M in sales in the first 2 weeks with 100% of the sales driven by the community.

“I realised at that moment that there was a powerful new model when you can properly align the incentive of a project or brand with the community.”

- J.D. Seraphine

J.D. then went on to launch one of the first feature films financing with crypto for the film “Atari” that is being produced with Leonardo DiCaprio as well as producing the first TV Series to release on Cable that was 100% crypto funded called “Open Source Money” which released on Discovery Science last year.

The development of the Raiinmaker platform has been years and over a million dollars in the making. J.D. has put together a great team of experienced builders, marketers and developers. The Co-Founder, Benjamin Gerry, has worked on films that have grossed over $1 Billion at the box office, won an academy award, and worked with stars like Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Jamie Fox and many others. Raiinmaker’s other Co-Founder, Jonel Cordero, was the COO of Dragonchain, and also ran his own digital agency prior to that.

Head of product, Ray Parker, has worked as a product manager for Boeing, Oracle, and Microsoft. The Emmy Award winning CBO, Earl Jenshus, has worked for some of the biggest Entertainment and Tech brands on the planet including ABC, Discovery, and Apple just to name a few. The Raiinmaker team also just welcomed their new CTO, Joe Roets, a senior system architect and technologist with a resume that includes the Walt Disney Company, CoinBase and Overstock.

For Launchpool community members who want to make it Raiin, all you need to do is stake your LPOOL to start taking part!

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The Raiinmaker Network is built to revolutionise the core components that drive the creation and distribution of Social Value and Digital Influence for companies, content creators, fans, and communities.


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