The next era of decentralised finance blooms with Pollen DeFi

8 min readOct 19, 2021


Pollen is a next-generation DeFi protocol for crypto traders and holders seeking better-than-market returns through a managed fund. The collective market knowledge of the community generates trading ‘alpha.’ Traders can actively manage the portfolios, build reputation, and climb the leaderboard to earn rewards. Passive holders can park their money in an ‘Asset Pool Token’ and enjoy a dynamically managed portfolio with zero effort.

This is the first opportunity for the public to participate in a token sale for the Pollen ($PLN) governance token.

Welcome to DeFi 2.0, with Pollen.

Piece by piece, DeFi protocols have been creating an alternative to the current financial system. The goal is to provide equal or better service in DeFi with transparency, fairness, and auditable code replacing the opaque dealings of middlemen and money-managers in traditional finance.

The first wave of DeFi protocols were innovative, and their users were a small percentage of the market. ‘DeFi summer’ users needed good technical knowledge and had to have a large risk appetite. They were participating in financial products that were unrecognisable to most — providing liquidity for collateralised loans via Compound or Aave or being a market maker for an AMM like Uniswap.

Pollen is a “next gen” DeFi protocol, because:

It is a recognisable financial service.

You could compare Pollen DeFi with a managed fund. Managed funds are the largest investment vehicle in financial services. Hedge funds and mutual funds for crypto exist, but only for institutional and accredited investors. Pollen allows anyone to participate in the direction of the assets held and anyone to hold the tokens to benefit from a managed portfolio.

It is designed with the user in mind.

Beautiful design. Professional user experience. Clear communication. The Pollen team has the depth of experience in UX and UI. The platform will be intuitive and enjoyable to use — as either an active portfolio manager or a passive delegator to the best performing traders.

It is community led.

Other crypto portfolio projects exist. However the assets are selected by a central body. To truly be “DeFi”, the community needs to call the shots. Pollen is a DAO, and the community pools its collective intelligence to create value for the community itself.

What does the protocol and platform do?

The Pollen DeFi platform is a brand new innovation. The ecosystem has these components:

The Pollen DeFi platform

The platform and protocol enables the community to work together to manage portfolios. It is a ‘meritocratic DAO’ — meaning that skilful traders earn a good reputation score, and the traders with the best scores will have the most influence controlling the assets in the portfolio. For making good decisions, they will earn Pollen ($PLN) governance token as rewards.

Passive delegators are users of the platform who delegate their governance tokens to the best performing traders managing the portfolio. By doing so both the passive delegator and the trader share rewards for good decisions made in the form of Pollen ($PLN) governance tokens.

The Pollen ($PLN) governance token

The core utilities of the Pollen ($PLN) governance token are:

  1. to allow users to actively manage a portfolio on the platform and, if they make good decisions, to earn $PLN as rewards.
  2. to allow passive delegators to delegate their governance tokens to the best performing traders and share $PLN tokens as rewards for good decisions made.

The Portfolio Asset Index ($PAI) ‘asset pool token’

The Portfolio Asset Index ($PAI token) is the original ‘asset pool token’ that represents the first portfolio to be managed by the Pollen DeFi community hive-mind.

$PAI token, and its associated portfolio of assets, will be launched immediately after mainnet.

The $PAI token will be dynamically managed 24–7 by the community and is designed to be a low volatility ‘DeFi Lego,’ which can be used in other protocols in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Future ‘asset pool tokens’ and portfolios

One of the key features of Pollen DeFi is that the platform and community can support multiple portfolios with associated ‘asset pool tokens.’

Other asset pool tokens will be launched by interested communities after mainnet. For example, a well established online community might launch a portfolio specifically for a subcategory of crypto assets. Traders will be able to prove their ability through the leaderboard and portfolio performance.

In this way, Pollen DeFi will attract online communities to the platform and place Pollen as a key hub in the decentralised finance network.

The Pollen Team of Builders.

The Pollen team is a blend of professionals with crypto, modelling, UX and UI, tech, finance and business growth experience.

Philip Verrien — Co-Founder and Project Lead

Philip is Co-Founder and Project Lead at Pollen DeFi and brings the technical leadership and lifetime of experience needed to run the innovative DAO-based platform. Verrien has a particular interest in decentralisation and governance structures and has been involved with the blockchain space since early 2013; His life pre-blockchain was focused on Venture Building, the Swiss banking industry, Banking Technology, and Open Science.

Vadim Konstantinov — Chief Architect

Vadim is Chief Architect at Pollen DeFi and has been in DevOps, CIO and Architect in cloud services, FinTech, and blockchain projects since 2014. His 30 years experience entails space vehicles engineering, accounting, and managing businesses in executive leadership roles at UFC, Rabobank, and Dansteel.

Dr. Jaime Fernando Delgado — Blockchain Architect

Jaime is a PhD in electronics engineering with more than 15 years of experience in programming, machine learning, data analysis, Blockchain technologies, protocol design and smart contracts architecture. His expertise includes academia as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Geneva and in industry, most recently as CTO of Cerealia SA. Jaime was responsible for conducting all technical developments related to the Liti Capital platform.

Dr. Stylianos Kampakis — Protocol Design

Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis is a Data Scientist and part of the Pollen DeFi protocol design team. Stelios has been involved in data science and artificial intelligence for more than a decade. He has a diverse scientific background that includes a PhD in Computer Science, as well as degrees in AI, statistics and psychology, giving him a unique perspective in the world of technology. He’s written a book on data sciences, is a member of the Royal Statistical Society and UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, advises for the London Business School, and mentors at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School.

Dr. Frederico Teixeira — Mathematical Modelling

Frederico is a Data Scientist and Mathematical Modeller at Pollen DeFi. After completing his PhD at ETH Zurich, Frederico spent many years on ground breaking research in life sciences and meta-modelling technology before turning his focus to research in the financial markets and DeFi sectors.

Adam Clarke — Senior Software Engineer & Product Designer (UX and UI lead)

Passionate in creating intuitive, dynamic user experiences, Adam is a Co-Founder at Pollen DeFi and has been building digital products for over 10 years. He started out focusing on UI and UX design and then gradually shifted towards software development as he was fascinated with bringing designs to life through writing code. A major asset to the Pollen DeFi team, Adam brings a diverse start-up background and a deep understanding of what it takes to make a great product and the most efficient processes a team can implement to move fast, iterate and ship high quality features.

Sean Bond — Chief Marketing Officer

Sean has 20 years of marketing and advertising experience, working at various times — and sometimes all at once — as a creative, strategist and business leader. He has set-up advertising agencies, built multidiscipline marketing teams for brands and agencies. His passion for crypto became a career in crypto. Sean counts his blessings each day to be able to lend his perspective to business strategy, marketing strategy, and team leadership at Pollen DeFi.

Lana Pierce — Business Development Lead

Lana Pierce, the Business Development Lead at Pollen DeFi, joined with over 10 years of experience in sales and a demonstrated track record of building success. Lana inspires team culture and connects global teams to bring business goals to fruition. Before joining Pollen DeFi, Lana worked in the technology space, namely enterprise data sales at Acxiom and consultative sales at Salesforce. No stranger to the start-up space, Lana has spent time diversifying technology teams across North America.


Coming out of six months of community-led Alpha testing, the platform is in an advanced stage of readiness and is developing a major upgrade to the user experience.

The protocol is preparing for a ‘community release’ of the platform for whitelisted users (the whitelist is now closed) later in Q4. Details of the ‘community release’ are expected to be shared at the end of October.

Mainnet is scheduled for Q1 2022. The first portfolio and associated ‘asset pool token’ $PAI will go live directly after the release of mainnet.

The governance procedure for the launch of new community led portfolios and associated ‘asset pool tokens’ will be announced in Q1 2022.

A bonus for the Launchpool community.

Ahead of the Allocation Mining Event, the Pollen DeFi team will announce an opportunity to reward those who participate in this first token sale.

Join the Pollen hive-mind on Telegram or Twitter to be among the first to hear their news.

About Pollen

Pollen DeFi is a next-generation DeFi protocol for crypto traders and holders seeking better-than-market returns through a community managed fund. Traders can actively manage the portfolios, build reputation, and climb the leaderboard to earn rewards.


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