TimechainSwap — Fantom’s new advanced aggregation protocol

Timechain is a multi-chain Decentralized Exchange aggregator. It is built as an Automated Market Maker on Fantom (FTM) network and expanding to Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum next.

Launchpool x Timechain

Existing Options

Decentralized exchanges are a rapidly growing field of operation for both new and existing blockchains. The use case for DEX aggregators becomes clear as a result of their high demand. Decentralized exchanges are just as hot as the next yield farming platform, with DeFi on Fantom gaining popularity and use-cases every day.

Technology & the $TCS Token

Timechain currently aggregates all major DEX’s on the Fantom Opera Network, giving users access to the provided liquidity on Spiritiswap, Spookyswap, Paintswap, Sushiswap, Curve, Wakaswap, Hyperjump, Elk Finance and Operaswap.

The Timechain Team

The team behind Timechain consists of a number of experienced team members and advisors. The Montreal based development team of Timechain already has 20 dedicated members, spanning from Management to communication and design.

About Timechain

TimechainSwap wants to be the most competitive DEX aggregator platform for multiple DeFi networks. Providing users with a more seamless and cost-effective tool for their blockchain activities will be a critical milestone in the evolving ecosystem of decentralised exchanges.

About Launchpool

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