Update to Unizen AME [Please Read]

Launchpool is adapting their vesting schedule and TGE allocation for Unizen $ZCX in response to Ethereum gas fees.

3 min readApr 12, 2021


Launchpool Press: Unizen AME updates.

We are very excited about the upcoming Unizen Allocation Mining Event on Launchpool, in which a total allocation of 50 ETH worth of ZCX tokens will be equally distributed in our 3 Staking Pools, at private sale price.

Did You Know That …

We have 3 pools available for every bag size:

Pool #1: 50 $LPOOL staking pool, where a maximum of 50 LPOOL can be staked to secure your spot.

Pool #2: 250 $LPOOL staking pool, where a maximum of 250 LPOOL can be staked to secure your spot.

Pool #3: Unlimited $LPOOL staking pool, where investors can stake an unlimited amount of LPOOL.

Note: Please keep in mind that Amount + Time are factored into the allocation. The more LPOOL you stake, and the longer, the bigger the allocation %.

And That …

In the first 24 hours of opening KYC, at Launchpool, over ¼ of our $LPOOL token holders KYC’ed. We’ve also been working tirelessly to understand and investigate over the weekend why some applications were rejected. We will come back to you with updates. Due to regulations requirements, Singapore citizens cannot partake in the Unizen AME at this time.

Notice: Update to Unizen $ZCX

We have some additional updates, in regards to the allocation % at TGE and vesting time.

Initially, for the Private Sale, we announced a 25% token release after TGE over a period of 14 days, and an additional 25% per quarter for three quarters (9 months).

Due to the extremely high Ethereum gas fees, we are forced to modify some terms in regards to the Private Sale tokens.

What Will Change

While we cannot support the initial allocation of 25% at TGE, we are compensating that by shortening the vesting period from an initial 9 months (3 quarters) to 6 months (2 quarters).

This means that even though the initial allocation amount at TGE becomes smaller, the overall vesting schedule shortens, giving token holders access to their full allocation 3 months earlier than initially announced.

Token distribution will start very close to the time ZCX lists on Uniswap (we’re expecting the same day and even closer). The vesting schedule will begin closer to listing, and therefore sooner than the initial 14 days after TGE.

This way, AME investors will not need to wait for 14 days to access their first batch of ZCX tokens. Investors will also be able to access liquidity sooner, and trade ZCX more freely.

From our side, Launchpool commits to a linear vesting period, from listing until end, block by block. We hope our community can understand this decision, and continue supporting us in our effort to bring egalitarian opportunities to everyone.

Thank you for being part of Launchpool.

LP Team

Have a Question? Drop by our dedicated Support Chat on Telegram at LaunchpoolSupportOfficial and get all your questions answered.

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