The PredictX PuP Goes Live!

We also present the $PRED tokenomics for your perusal.

2 min readMar 10, 2021


We are happy to announce that the launch of our first Pop-Up-Pool (PUP) is imminent! Below you will find the token distribution tiers available for the $PRED token of the PredictX DeFi prediction markets project. We’ll also reveal the sizing and private tier available below.

The Launchpool PUP for PredictX’s $PRED tokens will make available a $20,000 allocation from the “Early Contributors” tier. You will not have to contribute any other tokens after having secured an allocation. This PUP is a thank you to our community for supporting us thus far and an experiment to obtain some valuable data on the behavior of $LPOOL token holders.

Simply stake your $LPOOL tokens in the soon-to-be-opened PUP to begin “allocation mining” — Get ready! PUP details below:

$PRED Tokenomics

PredictX PUP Particulars

The Predict X pool is available for staking now. However, the “allocation mining” rewards will only start at the following Ethereum block:

The “allocation mining” rewards will finish at the following Ethereum block:

Thus, Poolers now have an hour-plus to get into position before rewards start accruing at about 2pm UTC today. There will be no rewards given until the start block has passed.

If you’re interested in the PredictX whitepaper, you can request it in the Launchpool Telegram chat.

For more info on our innovative PuP program, please check out our previous Medium posts on the subject:

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About PredictX

PredictX is a DeFi protocol that brings prediction markets to DeFi. Centred on automated liquidity and precisely designed incentives, PredictX ensures the best liquidity across all markets while allowing users to win off their predictions on a user-friendly platform.


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